Can You Watch This Without Smiling?

Can You Watch This Without Smiling?
Can You Watch This Without Smiling?
Published on 11/17/2017
Can You Watch This Without Smiling?


Didn't smile once :/ They are cute. Dont get me wrong. But it didnt help bring a smile to my face...
Am I a bad person for not smiling?
my left toe nail kinda itches
Was that meant to be difficult? ._.
The resting bitch face hath prevailed. xD
I was good until the fluffy cat on a road trip 😂.
The guinea pigs eating pancakes got me.
Did not smile. Not even once. I WIN.
Could have picked some cuter ones...for example the dog meeting his pups for the first time? Didn't look like he cared at all lol
I felt like I was literally forcing myself to smile. 😕
I lost it at the Guinea Pigs with mini pankcakes
having to read the text makes it hard for me to enjoy the pictures
Does it mean I have no soul for not smiling? It's a great video but I didn't smile once 😐
ok, the last one got me. :)
Guinea pigs with tiny pancakes! Only one that got me.
Lol after reading the comments I thought I was the only one who didn't smile 😂
I just came here to....nevermind picture comments aren't aloud 😐
Completed without smiling. Did make me smile on the inside.
Cute. Didn't smile. Just one of those days.
I didn't try to win. Life is too short to try not to smile. =)
Didn't smile. Don't much like dogs. Like cats though.
I win
I'm too focused on the text so no smiling
I smiled on the inside
But not the outside
I didn't make it for 2seconds without smiling 😀
I smiled at the thought of not being able to watch this video without smiling. But then I watched it and didn't smile .. They are cute though
Didnt smile.
Was to busy reading each caption.
Guinea pigs eating mini pancakes got me 😂 it was so funny
I didnt smile but I had to fight it. This is soooo cute
I started smiling when it began
I must have no soul
They're cute. However, I did not have the urge to smile.. :(
I didn't smile.
WOW, I can't believe people didn't smile. They were so cute.
The piggys wif Pancakes and the lil fox were too cute for me
I... I have no soul...
I didn't smile at all... I win
almost lost it with the mini pancakes lolol but i hung in there and didnt smile now WHERES MY COOKIE, PUTIN???
Yes Buzzfeed, I can watch this without smiling.
It was tough...but I did not smile.
I didnt smile . Can i get a cupcake now?
Yes I can
I did it without smiling! Pretty proud yet disappointed because like yeah I didn't smile but I didn't smile..
Didn't smile, but also not fully awake yet lol
Robyn Dahlgren
I have no soul.
Yeah I didn't smile.
I smiled the whole time. But that's just me...:)
The last one got me!!! Too cute!!!😍

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