Can You Solve These Emoji Puzzles?

Can You Solve These Emoji Puzzles?
Can You Solve These Emoji Puzzles?
lol snow hint game
Published on 11/17/2017
Can You Solve These Emoji Puzzles?


Some of those I was like...what? Snow white and the 7 dwarves? I was thinking some teenager with emotional issues, which I suppose could still be snow white.
I'm guessing everyone knew the TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?! As soon as it came up. Lol
This went too fast! :P
I bet these are gonna be in our grandchildren textbooks
I struggled with this
Her??? Wtf is that?????
I'm immediately going to start annoying all my friends by doing this to them all the time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I totally understood these. Love it. Now I wanna make some! Haha
🚶💀 Hint: show
Never even heard of 99 red balloons....
First comment! Like if you don't care.
Fun fact: the original of 99 red balloons is german, and it's called neunundneunzig luftballons! :"P
Damn give a chick some time to figure it out before giving the answers
Their IQ must be over 9000... I was stuck on the first one. I'll give this a pass ahhhh
lol second comment !! and buzzfeed you are soo running out of videos
Like if u didn't care for this video at all
Hint: Movie
Tried to do the Kardashians😆
I thought the first one was "mad gay" 😠 👬
Damn you Sam
My brain does NOT work that fast
Only one I got was Snow White and the seven dwarfs 😅😓
Sooooo it's the new version of the heffenreffer beer cap game
Only got 2 wrong but I never heard of them in the first place so lol
Haha. Amazing :D
Turn down for what! Hahah
Lmao I didn't get any
*tag invisible friends* omg guys we should totally do this..👌👌👍
i got the tv shows....
Destiny paradise
Not enough time to think and some of those were like whattttt??
Very good po. Heheh
How the fuck was Snow White and the seven dwarfs
Why was i so shit at this lol?!
Alicia Nicole
And please note that all videos ever posted on Anh social media are iPhones....cause everyone has them.... For a reason ;)
Don't hate me.
Enjoy the video :)
i thought it was "no america for putin"... pretty much the same thing tho
I got all the songs 😏
Let's do this 😂
These people have no life lol
Never gonna play this game in my life.
Lol i though the first one was angry boys 😂😂
I only got 2
What did i just watch
Hint: Movie
That's so damn funny 😂
Wtffffffff I don't have the time (or brilliance) to come up with that.
Clockwork orange?????????? Her????????wtf
Fav game
I was beyond lost

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