Can You Hot Dog It?

Can You Hot Dog It? With Adam Gertler and Michael Brown from Dog Haus Burbank
Can You Hot Dog It?
Published on 10/20/2017
Can You Hot Dog It?
With Adam Gertler and Michael Brown from Dog Haus Burbank


Buzzfeed employees are one of the luckiest people on earth ;-;
I want eat.
Good Mythical Morning..
Idk y they say these should never be made again! These should definitely be made again. And again. And again!
Now I want a hotdog real bad
“I'm going to tell my grandchildren about this shit”
When you said "hot dog it" mickey mouse club house popped into my head, yeah mom of a toddler here
"And then I started drinking" lol the best ideas are made when your buzzing !
All with no overuse of bacon... I'm impressed.
Buffalo Chicken Wing hotdog!
Enchiladas verdes! With roasted corn relish!
Chinese food hotdogs. Orange chicken, cashew chicken, Mongolian beef, so many options. Or even thanksgiving hotdog! Turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes! Omg make that one
At the Fair in California a guy actually puts lobster in a hot dog skin and then puts corn dog batter around it and Fries it and makes deep fried lobster rolls
i kinda want the fried chicken and waffle hot dog...
stop making me hungry buzzfeed :(
Braised Oxtail with Monkfish, and Glazed Onions on top :)
I think the real question is, can you pickle it?
Can I please become one of the people to sample the next trials!!!!!!??!?? These look amazing!
Well if I wasn't hungry before I'm freaking starving now. GIMME LOBSTER HOTDOG. NAUUUU.
chicken and waffle hotdog?? Just take my money.
What do you mean they will never be made again!! This is not okay.
Why aren't we funding this?!?!??
Who wants Banh Mi right now? LoL. That hot dog (Banh Mi) looks hella good to me. I would definitely try it for suree
Seriously, where are the comments about the foie gras? I'm disappointed that Buzzfeed would advocate such cruelty.
Looks Fuvking delectable !!! totally POT-HEAD MUNCHIES
Why not actually make them again and again they got great reviews. Why not ever again?
Chicago Style Hot Dogs>them all
Chinese dog!!!
Chicken pot pie!!!! And then veggi and cheese omelet with bacon!!!!!! And then falafel with cucumbers and tomatoes!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone like if you agree!!!
Banh mi lol
How do you apply for BuzzFeed?
Love the one in woodland hills CA. They have great burgers too
You're cruel and disgusting if you eat Foie Gras.
Go to Germany, then go to a fest, anywhere. They do the same thing but is just way better!
The motherload
No. Alex Vansilalom. He said " will & should never" :/ doesn't matter! I'm makin' 'em ! Those are all too awesome! Must. Eat. Now.!
I want this soo fucking bad
Get in my bellyyyyyyy!!!
Put a padlock on the dudes fucking earring holy shit it's big
Is he the guy who won my kitchen rules last year??
wreckless eating?
I'd DEFINITELY try the fried chicken & waffle hot dog!
Pizza Dog - pepperoni, salami, mushroom, olives, onions, anchovies sausage ... on a bun with pizza sauce and Kraft three cheese Italian blend on top -- or Hawaiian Dog - ham, spam, pineapple sausage wrapped in bacon - on a bun with pizza sauce and Kraft three cheese Italian blend on top. :-)
this is amazing! wow everything was so thought out and beautiful, I am in awe. loved everybody's reactions :D
I would love to try all of these!
You should make a chicken nacho dog, & a beef tamale dog.
I'd kill for hotdogs right now.

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