Can You Guess Which Purse Is More Expensive?

Can You Guess Which Purse Is More Expensive?
Can You Guess Which Purse Is More Expensive?
Published on 10/21/2017
Can You Guess Which Purse Is More Expensive?


ill stick with my $30 dollar purse from target lol
whichever one is more unusable and ugly is always more expensive, don't you just love the fashion industry?
Eugene be like, "This feels so gross and fake that if this is more expensive I'm gonna revolt (?)"
"Smells like TJ Maxx." Whoa. Whoa. WHOA!! Nothin' wrong with TJ Maxx, bro!! :-P :-P :-P
i want eugene as a shopping buddy like for realllllssss
Forget purses, I'm a backpack girl all day!!
I don't think I could (or would) ever spend more than 30 dollars on a purse.
"Kinda feels like a suitcase...which is not okay with me"😂😂
Its an empty thing 😂😂 he said an empty purchase ! 😂😂 serious thoughts! Makes you really think though
Hats off to buzzfeed for not running out of ideas and still being entertaining af 👏👏👏
How can purses or bags cost that much??? And who would buy them?? 30$ is already expensive to me. Lol
"So it's just like a beanie baby" omfg
Just so we are all on the same page, that last bag was not a clutch but a minaudière. Words matter.
1 view.. Seems legit
All these people hating on expensive purses. 😱 like, I get that they aren't your thing, but some people have the money and like to treat themselves. Although I do agree that the purses in this video are ugly. But if I save my money up and buy a cute coach bag for $300 who am I hurting? Treat yo self and do what makes you happy! Be it a $30 or $300 purse.
Quit tagging your shitty friends ^
I wish they would have shown their reactions to the price tags!
And, can we all just pause for a moment to realize that since they used these purses in a video, that the cost is just a tax write off? *facepalm*
"I'm going out. Don't need that much, just going to be me tonight" -- 😂😂 Yes!!!
"Smells like TJMaxx"
These brands need to watch this video lol.
I agree. That purse is a very ugly and expensive beanie baby.
Both of these are really ugly . Lol
Wait so did they buy a 5,000 dollar purse for one video?
The most I ever spent on a purse is 98$ guess purse it lasted me 9 years then my strap broke 😩
Some of the ugliest purses I've ever seen! Who the hell would carry those around
I have that Coach purse, and I love it!! It's an investment. I'd rather spend more on one purse than a bunch of cheap ones that fall apart
That one guy was really offended by the second animal printed purse lol 😂
The fact that Eugene knows what a T.J. Maxx actually smells like just made his value double in the eyes of ladies everywhere.
I'll stick to MK bags reasonable in price and they are super nice 😌
The most expensive purse I have bought is a 30 dollar purse from thirty one. Lol
The most expensive bag/purse or wallet I've ever purchased was from Thirty-One! That's as expensive as I'll get! I'm NOT a name brand girl!!
"This one is uncomfortable so probably more expensive" 😂
"So this is a clutch....for a dragon lady". Bhahahahaha! Classic! It's just like a beanie baby! OMG. I died.
"It looks like a Cruella De Vil purse" 😂😂😂
Pshh. Why waste money on an expensive & usually ugly purse, I'd rather save my $$ for a nice trip!
Spending money on an empty thing. I've never thought of it that way
Hermés bags are the most expensive. The most expensive one sales at $96K
"This is more uncomfortable so probably more expensive." THAT LOGIC IS INFALLIBLE. 😂😂😂😂
I'll stick with my $5 purse from goodwill
Love all the ladies feeling like they're on a high horse because they won't spend more than $30. You are just slightly less obnoxious than the "I don't have a tv" guy
Expensive purses are stupid. I prefer cheap cute purses that are easy to carry around and all my shit can fit and if I see another cheap and cute purse ill buy it without a second thought coz it's cheap and cute.
I am SO GLAD I married a woman who doesn't want overpriced bullshit just because of who made it.
I got my 2 dollar purse from goodwill.. hehe I think the most I've spent on a purse is 20 bucks at ross (which I've gotten a lot of compliments from) :D
Christian Michael Egurvide Honey you should go try this show 😛 you may get all the right answers because of me. Sorry I'm too expensive but that's what make me happy. So I know you don't mind at all ❤️😊👍 😘😘😘
"This is really uncomfortable.. So probably more expensive" so true haha
ALL THOSE PURSES WERE UGLY!!! This is why the most expensive purse I own is like $40.
The uglier it is, the more expensive. That's how i "won" every round
Yea no. I'll just stick to a wallet lol
The most I have spent on a purse is $75, who buys a purse for more than $5000? The world has turned bananas I tell you.

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