Can You Bacon It?

Can You Bacon It?
Can You Bacon It?
Published on 11/24/2017
Can You Bacon It?


Laura Hines "Ugh...I only eat bananas to be a good person."
Haha "it's putting hair on my chest"
I want some bacon bananas now! :-/
Once they said "bacon infused whiskey", I already knew that was gonna be goooood!
Rachael Sandra .. needs to try banana wrapped bacon lol
*Recipes not in description*
It's official I want to work for BuzzFeed
Chris Velasquez I wanne try the bacon whisky now 😂
Alexandra Stirling Brittany Tersigni Andrea Mancini You-gene Bkmn Stuart C J Gatley Stephanie Morizio Nina Mariano
Kalinca Santos Elisson Paixao Luana Aquino Daisy Costa
Daniel Andersson & Christian Wahlgren <3 !!!
OMG Kenzie Vermeulen Kasey Poortvliet Kelli Rottschafer... YES YES AND YES to the bacon wrapped bananas and the bacon whiskey .
Mike, Jackie, Sabrina, Molly and Jacqueline....BACON!!!
Kate Raison Beck Bradshaw Jami Sorbello
Uggghhhhh yummmm Jac Trang Vivian Trang Britney Trang my cholesterol!
Don you should've been part of this video HAHAHA ! Don Lizada Arnnie Tubungbanua Reilly Cortan
Jess BowerOlivia KingIsobel CarterCourtney O'connorCharlotte PetcheyTia AmnerAnya Mumby
Bacon infused bananas Rip Bestie Billanna Melinda Vazquez NobodyCares IRoqq Johnelle H. Ebony Lee Chanel Pradagucci Johnson Shaquana Cochran Khalelah Joseph
India Gray Leon Donnelly
Ben Laurenson Banana bacon actually sounds kinda good...
Thanks Morgan! Shout out to the 3B Eatery and Catering Co. where bacon butter and booze make everything better
Stephen Bailey Nick White Eloise Dodsworth
Sara Kuecker wait for it...
Vincent Theodore David Adi Sutanto Bimo Prawira Yuda David Angjaya Hubertus Hugo
Lisa NguyenCharmaine Le
Line Martos Sandø Sarah Plaugmann Gramkow altid
Bacoonnnn Darlene Cazares Lauraa Roblees
Lol We were JUST talking about bacon! Benny Liem Inder Singh Min Singh
OMG!!!! Elyse Lemyre!!
Nathalie Lam YuTong Kuchiki Kai Chan Olivier Kokoloko Victah Little
Liz RobertsonAllison Tomblyn🐽
Nohemy Chavez Megan Troost
Jennifer Desnoyers Andrew Keast Davey Watson
Tiffany Thompson April Hunley
Nazik Picklesimer Sabrina Gonzales Jillian Gonzales lol
Nikola Perotić Did i tag you in this yet?!... im jsut gonna tag you again!
Catherine Muñoz Maria Barba I wonder why I thought of you two..
Phillip William Garvey Meghan Schemansky
Emilie Maranda
N Jacqueline Herrera Miguel Chavez Melly Herrera
Ashlee Sammut Mitch Sammut
Ajah Bacon sushi 👌👌👌
Symone Ashley
Just wish i liked bacon😂 Heather Fanning Cathryn Ross
Maxwell Wait-for'it Kreymer Sean Varon
Kevin Miller Aithyn Grove
Lukas Chani :P
Matt Ashlee this video is for you! Except the bacon whiskey cause neither of u r 21! Lol
mind blown...... Vicky Roxursox Bacon Bananas & Bacon Whiskey FTW!!!
Rhoy Bellemere

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