Can A Woman Ask A Man On Date? ... AccordingTo Women

Can A Woman Ask A Man On Date? ... AccordingTo Women
Can A Woman Ask A Man On Date? ... AccordingTo Women
Published on 10/22/2017
Can A Woman Ask A Man On Date? ... AccordingTo Women


I asked my fiance to prom in April of 2009. In just under 4 months we will be husband and wife!
These girls think men are a lot more complex than they are. If you ask a man out they will make a huge sigh of relief and mumble to themselves "Holy shit thankyou god" and you will live on happily ever after.
Loved it! "If you want your man, go get your man!"
Is this question really being asked??! The answer is OF COURSE!!!!!
Girls should definitely ask a guy out if he won't do it first! I just wish guys would step it up and ask a girl if he likes her. Worst case scenario? She says no and you save months of time trying to guess if she likes you!
i would not only like you to ask me on a date, but i wouldnt mind being proposed to either, lets knock down these gender roles lol
I asked my current boyfriend to be my boyfriend through a Pokémon Scavanger hunt on my birthday lol
If women enjoy being asked out and feeling wanted and accepted why wouldn't guys feel the same? It's not fair to assume that the man will always take the risk. Guys can be shy and scared of rejection too. Society has no place in saying who should make the first move, that depends on the individual. :)
Wow, I really needed to hear this! Only recently have I found the courage within myself to ask a guy out, and I felt so empowered after the experience. I will never again wait for a guy to ask me out!
i don't know any man who wouldn't like to be asked out. for intelligent men its not about power like mentioned in the video, its about comfort, courage n' equality. its really tough these days as a man to really tell if a woman is just a friend or romantically interested.
women joining this side of the struggle, not that many haven't already, is very welcome.
in my lowly opinion.
Can this be done from a guy's perspective as well? I'd love to see that.
Don't be afraid ladies, us guys love if a woman asks us out, saves us a lot of effort and shows you're not afraid to be honest!
"What time should I come over and give you the business?"... A candidate for the best ask "out" line EVER! LMAO
Seriously though... Ladies... If you feel so inclined... ask!
As perhaps most of you know by now, us males... well... frankly... we at times are oblivious to your "ask me out you big dummy" clues.
A real man won't feel any "power" being taken if he is asked out. Me... when asked... my struggle is to find middle ground between my giddy school girl giggle and my alter-ego "Chocolate Thunda". It's nice being asked. :-)
My girlfriend, of 6 years now,took my phone from me when we first met and put her number in it. The rest is history. Assertive girls are attractive. Go for it!
I asked pizza out, we were only together for about 45 minutes
I was honestly scared to check the comments on this video just to find misogynistic comments on how us girls have to stay in our lane and stick to our gender roles but I'm surprised most of these are positive!!
I feel like if men weren't the only one making moves there would be less players out there. If more women asked men out then it would throw these guys off and make them feel like they don't have all the power and control to starting the relationship. Honestly, if a woman asked me it would make me more interested.
Ain't nobody got time to wait around for a man to gather enough courage to ask a girl out. If it wasn't for me beating him to the punch line, I would still be waiting around for him to ask me out vs. us celebrating our 3rd year wedding anniversary tonight.
I called him and said, "just so you know, I like you." We've been married for 5 years now :)
Any "man" who's turned off by a woman taking the initiative and making the first move isn't much of a "man" in the first place.
Hahahaha. I've always asked guys out. They take too long and get confused easily, so I figure I'll make it easier for them by making the move. My mom also proposed both times she got married... Lmao.
If a guy can't handle you asking them out he's not a guy you want.
I'm married now but when I was younger and single guys were too picky so I'd never dated a guy that asked me out. If I wanted a man I'd go get one. I was not on display at the farmers market, I was the customer lol.
"What time should I come over and give you the business?" LMAO Gaby Dunn is the best.
I made a comment to my now husband & it went something like this, "hey, you should take me to dinner. We'd have a lot of fun together." & now we're married so yeah. I technically didn't ask him out but I was more upfront about what I wanted than most women.
Met my husband when a mutual friend was in the hospital. Found out that it was his birthday in a few days so I found him on MySpace (haha yup. Not Facebook.) And wished him Happy birthday. He asked me out but if I hadn't looked him up it never would have happened. Been married almost 7 years with 2 kids.
So... Anyone going to ask me? No? Ok... Crawls back to manhole
I asked my husband out on a date and 15 months later we got married. We celebrate our 3 year anniversary in May. I see no reason why a woman can't ask a man out on a date.
I was ask out by a girl once and I though it was the coolest thing ever. I don't have any problems with women asking guys out first. But I am very open minded. I say, more power to you girl...
First time asking a guy out on a date was about 4 years ago and now I'll be marrying that same guy next year. So girls, "go get your man!"
I had a hard time finding the right love, because guys thought I was "too aggressive." But my now husband wasn't deterred! He thought it was awesome. I am his kind of crazy, and he is mine. So glad those other dill weeds couldn't handle me.
This shit is dumb. Every time I've asked someone out I was rejected and humiliated. I give up.
Ive asked guys out. It's fine. But i make seem like it was their idea . Lol
Ladies, ask out a guy anytime, that is our dream.
Not sure if it's a "power thing" for men. When I ask a girl out, I'm kinda surrendering to her. I wish girls asked guys out more. Please feel awesome and confident and do your thang!
I think it's awesome when a girl is forward!
I asked my fiancé out...when I was drunk and horny lol hahhHa but it all worked out and he was such a gentleman and didn't even try to o take advantage of me....and now we've been to get her 8 years this month,!
Ya definitely women should ask guys out more its an awesome feeling to be wanted and not always have to show your interest first
I'm not a weak willed man, but seeing girls like the girl with purple hair who "have literally never waited for the guy to make the first move" is awesome. One, strong women are incredibly attractive. They feel like a person rather than a liability or a child. It's attractive when a woman can take care of herself.
I did. Our first date was Disneyland and I had the tickets. We've been married for 27 years and counting with three children.
I asked my husband out
Only asked one guy out before, and we have been happily married for 6 years! When is the right person, it's the right person!
Jen Marie Cleary the girl with the purple hair & the black girl are so me! 😂
Dude, guys are just as shy as girls, if we don't attempt to make a move. PLEASE THEN LADIES! You do it ;-;
Honestly, I kinda feel bad for guys because it's generally expected that /they/ ask out someone to prom, on a date, for their hand in marriage... that sounds like a lot of stress, especially if you're shy or introverted. A bit unfair for society to expect men to always do it, really.
Guys don't mind. Girls just don't usually do it.
I asked my boyfriend out in high school we've been together for 5 years lol
I asked my guy out. He was too shy to do it.... he is probably STILL to shy and its been a year!!!!
so if a girl asks a guy out, is she inclined to pay?
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