Can A Woman Ask A Man On A Date?

Can A Woman Ask A Man On A Date? ...According To Men
Can A Woman Ask A Man On A Date?
Published on 10/20/2017
Can A Woman Ask A Man On A Date?
...According To Men


I asked my boyfriend out
Five years ago. If you want it go big or go home.
Blonde guy has different issues. Strictly in reference to the title.
I asked my husband to marry me. It was after he jokingly asked me to marry him first, though. The expression on his face when I gave him a ring was priceless. Also it was a batman ring I made (jeweler). So that probably helped.
is it just me or is sex suggested when dating? why can't we just hang out and see if we like the person's real character? instead of focusing on the very tiny detail of self awareness. hehe. just go out and have fun with everyone guys! befriend everyone! and sooner or later you will be really open to one person who has that mutual feeling of being around you more and more. then you can tell them "i like you very much, like very very much" and SMILE ALWAYS! lol 2015 is getting to me.
I live in Arkansas and my girlfriend lived in New Mexico. We met on PSN and started chatting together and one day I made a pretty poor joke. We would kid around with things like "Oh, we slept at the same time, we're sleeping together" or" Oh, we took a shower at the same time, we showered together" and I took it step further and said "Well, we've slept together and showered together, so what's a guy gotta do to get you to be his girlfriend?"
However, I was joking, it was just to make her laugh.
So she replied, "Ask."
So I did, but technically, she did. Now we live together and in March we'll be at 3 years.
So ladies, by all means, ask. As a guy, I can say if you're approaching a down to earth guy, he won't care. If you're approaching a twat who has to be the man of the relationship, then why the fuck are you approaching a twat? Go get another guy
Most men find the woman aggressive and desperate. I'll just wait for them lol.... rejection is a bitch
Blonde guy definitely has issues. Inferiority complex maybe?
I want to see Can a Man Ask a Woman on a Date? Cuz I'm tired of doing all the damn work.
I sent a guy a text first after we exchange numbers... his first response was and I w quote " Wow I didn't expect you to contact me first. You must need a date tonight" maybe that why girls are apprehensive about asking guys out, cause we're basically called desperate
I ask guys out. That stupid rule saying guys should ask the girl out. Hell no. Gender equality bitches. I shouldn't have to be forced to wait. If I want you, I'm going for you.
I don't think that is a big deal to ask a man out but I'd prefer the man ask me out, which isn't the case with my now husband. We hung out a lot and I just got aggravated with us just "hanging out" after a month so I just casually asked him, hey are we friends or dating bc I'm ready for a relationship. He was like well if you want to then I do to. Now we've been together for 5 yrs married for 4 and have 2 kids together so yeah I'd so it worked out fine. I just felt extremely embarrassed and somewhat awkward, but hey that's life and what's the fun of living if you never have embarrassing or awkward moments. 😊😊😊😉
This makes me glad I'm married!
If a guy thinks the woman is desperate or aggressive for simply asking them out, you want to stay away from that kind of crazy!!! That man has issues.
I mean if you're interested just ask don't care who's "role/job" it is share your interest I agree with the guy in the jacket just let go of all the pretenses and just ask the person out. These gender roles nonsense is for the past, it's not that serious.
I asked my boyfriend of 4 years to date and I definitely don't think any less of him. I take him out on dates, we go out and we pay half and half or sometimes he pays the whole bill or I pay. I don't think just because you think equally of one another you are in a sense emasculating the guy.
Scream equality for women, but won't be the one to ask a man out? Uh, ok.
I have asked everyone I have ever been intrested in out, sometimes it was amazing and other times it was not so good. But the last relationship I was in lasted 10 years and my current relationship is going on 7 years. So if you know what you want, by all means go for it. The only thing they can do is tell you no. When I asked my current out he was a bit shocked as he had never had anyone ask him out before. I just laughed and said " Look I like you a lot, You like me, we have been talking for about 2 months now. So can I keep you or what?" ;) Have a little humor about it and just keep it straight forward.
If a girl asks you out, you're doing something wrong. You're not being confident enough to take initiative, and there is nothing attractive about that.
Can they? Sure. The true question is "Should they"?
I agree with the blonde guy. It's mostly a turn-off for me.
But, it's OK. Most of you won't hear me though.
In his book "Wild At Heart" John Eldredge does an excellent job of explaining the male heart. The section that is relevant to this post is when Eldredge describes men's natural instinct "to hunt" in personal relationships. When they do the asking, males are fulfilling their purpose. He describes women taking the lead in relationships as "taking away his spear", thereby castrating the male hunting instinct.
When you ask a guy out, even if he goes along (and it works out), whether he realizes it or not, he will always consider you "easy". Not necessarily in the pejorative, sexual sense; but in the sense that he didn't have to "hunt" you.
If you've gotten what you wanted, congratulations! However, you didn't get a man: You got a mouse.
Everyone is different somehow no matter if they're bi, gay,or straight so feel them out and do what feels right for the person who you like at that time. Besides if they say no to you then you can move on right away and not get obsessed with that person at that time :)
I asked out my fiancé then he asked me to marry him we like to take turns lol
yes they can its hot
"Yeah everything's acceptable except for hurting other people or treating people different because of who they are" I loved that. Kudos to you man.
Why does this have to be a thing? If I want something I ask for it. 9 times out of 10 they actually respect that, and if not, they're not worth my time. Go after what you want ladies!
Sure they can. But I still prefer when men pursue women. It all changes as the relationship progresses and men become less interested or invested as far as effort goes, so if a woman takes a lead right away, it will never get better from there. He will do less and less with time anyways but if he never pursued even in the beginning then what is the point of all that? I surely prefer for a man to ask me out (and I would never ask a guy to marry me - it is his job in my personal opinion)
Why does buzzfeed need to confirm this with the guys there? Of course women can ask men out
"Everything is acceptable except for hurting other people or treating people like they're different because of who they are" BEST ANSWER EVER
Absolutely! and 20 years later we are happily married with an awesome daughter...go for it ladies!
I really do my best not to ask the guy out... I like the feeling of a guy being interested in me enough to ask me out.
I think its fine for a girl to ask a guy out as long as she doesn't want an old fashioned relationship (ie the guy pays opens the doors etc) once you mess with that you can't really expect it from the guy. Now I'm by no means saying that type of setup is for everyone, if you have no interest in that then god bless and go for it. Just my opinion as a guy
Blonde guy was retarded
It's fucking 2015 and people ask questions like these. ...
I love the gender role comparison videos!!!
Girls know that if they ask a boy out they will have to pay... And that is not going to happen
A women with confidence who knows what they want and strives for it is the sexiest thing ever! Even if the women who asked me out I wasn't particularly attracted to, I'd respectfully decline but she would have highest of ratings from me for doing it! I mean it's 2015 sisters are doing it for themselves a they say.
I figure if you are interested then just ask. Me personally I asked my husband out. He asked me to marry him a week later. We have been married 13 years. So it can work. 😃
Djo Ntumba ahahahahahaha so are you rebelling against the system and expecting girls to ask you out now?
Lol, first off every guy in that video looks freaking gay and probably don't even attract a high number of women in the first place. 2nd if a woman ask me out it doesn't make her a slut, if the conversation leads her to feel comfortable to do so, so be it. Only men who are less fortunate in women's attention have an issue with being asked out. Get outta here with that.
T.j. Rosado John McGah Jr. Kaylen Krue
I asked my man out first! Glad I did, he's shy and now we have been together for 5 years and have two baby girls
Why are their responses so long?
how is this still a debate
This is great! But I think the most controversial and interesting question is to stretch this idea a little further and ask people if they think women can be the one to ask the unlimited question and propose? #foodforthought
Aida Taveras
Junnavi Racaza, gamay nalang gyud mars. unhan ko nato si church boy :)
Bernice Lam
Jennifer Issabelle Rossette 😂😛😜
I think is ok for a woman to ask a guy out. Why not? To me when I ask a guy out is just a friendly outing.. like having tea or lunch. Not a romantic setting of friends are both guys and girls. We meet over a cup of tea or coffee for catch up.
i asked my fiance for his number and now we r together and getting married
Asian dude swear he a G!

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