What would you do if you got busted street racing at 140MPH?
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Published on 12/11/2017
What would you do if you got busted street racing at 140MPH?


This cop is the kinda cop our constitution meant for us to have. He was actually protecting and serving the public and not the interests of the state. This man and others like him should be at the top of the chain of command!
This vid shouldn't even be made public. Vids like this restricts the cool cops from letting you go. He could lose his job over this.
Now that is what being a cop is all about! I'm a police officer as well and I love watching these videos. I used to race in Houston before I was a cop and I completely understand what y'all are doing and why! Horsepower is addictive! That officer handled that perfectly. Y'all stay safe out there and keep making those jaw dropping cars!
Lmao! Which one of you swallowed! That was awesome!
Fuck go buy that cop a couple of dozens and coffee!
"Driving a fast mustang is like coming out of the closet, everyone's surprised at first, but in the end you're still gay"
Buy that cop a round of beers!!!!!!!
Texas! Go big or go home! We know how it's done!
Billy Russell Nick Nichols Dustin Pate I think it officially time to move to texas.
Cool cop, me and a couple of buddies were cruising at 150 on our bikes in the middle of the night no other cars were on the road and we didn't know a cop shop was right off the exit ramp. Six squads pull us over. They also were motorcycle riders and said they understood how good speed and power felt, just told us to slow it down and don't fly by the police station next time.
They would have either shot me or took my black ASS to jail so I would've kept going and they would've had to catch me.
That cop deserves a cookie
If that was in California the car would be crushed license gone and it's a felony plus plenty of other charges... no cop in California would have let that one go
Oh no!
I did for 138 in a 30 and what I did was went directly to jail, car impounded and 13 tickets. The funniest one that even had the judge saying WTF was and I quote "disevnisionment of a public road" from doing our burnouts... Funny shit.
Not all cops are dicks.......
All cops like this one I would never say a bad thing again
HPD are the coolest cops I've come across when it comes to street racing.
Kieran Taylor Steven Barton Joel Bosscrete Brook Josh Snowy Hordern Josh Solomons Rick Calvin Felix Kylie McLeod Nik Grlj Richard Pilla Adam Crane imagine if cops where like this everywhere.. fucking hell
Asib Abdul Habib Yaqubi Ishaq Mohammad another reason to move to Texas
Nick Thach Billy Vali
Raymond Andres te recuerdas algun dia ?
Run why stop when ur doing 140mph
I'm busted? Ima keep my foot to the floor n ride my bitch out
I'd out run them. Then report my car stolen
The hpd cops that arrested me at tx2k14 were douche bags
Matt Plotkin
Mat Essak Vladislav Shishkin
This cop is a good cunt... they rare as fuck these days
James Ethan Liam That good cunt cop fark need more of them.
Laugh cause I'd be gone I go hundred sixty sc400 supercharged
Brett N Tara Codey Maizan wish cops were like this
Emily Payne Isaiah Lee Matthew Flegel
That is not how houston cops work. He is lucky lol btw i wouldnt run .. Cars cant maintain 150+ for long periods of time like bikes. Cops give up on bikes here
We need more peace officers like this guy!
Be really upset knowing my car was going to be crushed, 10k fine. Losing my licence and when I got them back my insurance would double. And maybe jail time. Oh the joys of living in ontario canada where going over the speed limit by 50 km/h is considered street racing.
Now that's a good cop
not all cops are dicks
Perla N Rafael Moreno
Got pulled by a helicopter@160 in my 350z. The highway patrol guy was a fan so I got off Scott free lol
Ibrahim Nissan
Toomy Alkubaisi
That cop was cool as fuck. We need more like him.
Mauro Guerrero
Jeremy Lee Rincones
Evelyn Belteton tag Rudy lol
Yes sir
Ernest Howard
That was a cool cop .
James Harrison

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