Busted... With DennisCeeTV
Published on 10/21/2017
With DennisCeeTV


That was so awkwardly scripted. There's no way anyone believes this is true.
Fake written all over their bodylanguage, tone, and facial.
This shit was so fake! She cut him cold and kept it movin while dude was tryin to talk to her 2 times........but then she's gonna stop and wait while this guy starts a conversation with this other homeless guy?! DOUBT IT!!!!
Damn this guy will do anything for a view on YouTube smh this world is going down the drain
iyi thug lıfe ler için sayfamıza davetlisiniz
Gold Digger ! BUSTED!
they couldve gotten a better actress that chick sucked
LMAO...!!! Thug Life lol
love it man keep up the good work man this shows what realy happens but try and spread it into other things to good job
U da man,pissed me self😅
Anthony Bédard hahhaha bitch got busted 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ooowww man...fuck YOU BITCH. ..KKKKKKKKKKKKK
oh nowwww she wanna she wanna talk ..well move bitch
This was all fake
Nice mother fucker...gud brother
busted bitch...hahahahah
Fake shit as if she was gonna stand there if she wasn't interested , please !!!!
What a slut hahaha
Liam Ram told you every girl Is like this but that man Is a boss !!!!
Tak Pichet i dont fuck with u bitch
These filthy American whores make me sick but u know what it's not just here it's every country but the mother of em all the the almighty teacher is this country smdh
What a total waste of time. I want my minute back. It's fake as shit!!
Staged and fake as hell!!
most fake ass shit ever
stupid bitch got busted 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I got million trillion things i rather f**kin do.. co with u !
What´s song?
Bitch got busted Jack French
Lmao dude he was like "i dont fuck with you hoe." "not today." 😂👏🏻
Girls are way too conniving to just immediately say "as a matter of fact can I get your number" RIGHT after she acted that way. If it was real she would have slowly changed her attitude.
Trick ass bitch.
She was interested because he helped someone dumbass
Well done most guys would give her the number good on you. She is awful ❤️💖
Nooooooooossssssssssssss.... nem é br cara
Shame on you bitch ahahahha
Have you seen the one where dude gets a hand job!!?? 😂
Hahaha busted !!
Bitches egoes go to the extreme. They expect a guy with money, cars, good looking, buff. And all they bring to the table is a pretty face and a used up vagina. Smh
Damn!!! That's what their all about!
Hector Y Olga. Got em!
Tu cuando te conosi en la calle Luis Gonzalez y viste mi dinero jajajja
My eggs kk
Another hoe bites the dust!

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