British Gas Rampage!

Gamers don't get older. They level up. Videogamemes
British Gas Rampage!
grandma wanker die
Published on 11/20/2017
Gamers don't get older. They level up.


She's Trevor mother
gran theft auto
Funny how this grandma can fly a chopper better than me.
She became max level 109 years ago
The timing tho, reality.
Idk but this made me a little emotional...
I can't wait till I'm 60 so I can teabag without having to crouch.
Meanwhile, the oldest person playing CoD turns 12...
Badass grandma
Does she have a youtube account? 'cause I would love to subscribe :D
The Queen of England at her rampage!
I'm scared to think what she was like when she was younger
Wait till she plays online
What did you do today Grandma? "I fucked some bloody wankers up the nooget in GTAV you phat bastard! Does that answer your question sweety?
Granny Theft Auto... Sorry :p
so she is the type of person we play with online.
Man, I want a grandma like this.
I never thought that one can have so much fun with GTA 5 ._.
wankers everywhere
haha this is so me .. im 45.. and a proud gamer.. ^_^
faith in humanity restored

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