British Gas Rampage!

Gamers don't get older. They level up!
British Gas Rampage!
game gas level
Published on 11/17/2017
Gamers don't get older. They level up!


That old woman plays better than me.
That awkward moment when granny is a better gamer than most people.
now that's what we called fucking cool grandma
''Old but Gold''.
apparently she's too old to realize Gaystation sucks
hahaha, our generation in 60 years
It might be someone else who's controlling the game but the old lady is too enthusiastic for destroying British Gas for that to be true.
I'll give you central heating, British gas bastards.
And people say video games make you crazy. Looks like she was crazy and found video games. Great video.
omfg this game brings the serial killer out of everyone
so scary.. i dont want her to be my grandmother..

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