Breathalyzing Celebrities At The Golden Globes

Breathalyzing Celebrities At The Golden Globes With Keith Habersberger
Breathalyzing Celebrities At The Golden Globes
Published on 10/21/2017
Breathalyzing Celebrities At The Golden Globes
With Keith Habersberger


Matthew Mcconaughey is too cool for Buzzfeed lol
Ha! Now for the cocaine test results....
Where's johnny depp when you need him!!!
That's cause BLOW doesn't show up On a breathalyzer 👃❄️
Weirdly disappointed no one was actually drunk...
And might I add, Kevin spacey and Jeff Goldblum are looking positively dashing ;)
Rachel Susan - 2:36 "Ain't no party like a Buzzfeed Party because a Buzzfeed party don't stop."
Matthew Mcconaughey is a snob. Lol
Dude! That is so awesome you guys are getting big enough to talk to celebrities now!!! Good for you guys!
They couldn't find one celeb who was hammered? I'm actually a little disappointed
Waste of my life. So glad I watched a bunch of people who didn't drink anything blow on a breathalyzer.
Colin Hanks is the spitting image of his father!
Ryan Thomas-Clark Quadnau I was very disappointed no one was wasted haha
Bola Olashore "aint no party like a buzzfeed party cuz the buzzfeed party don't stop"
Love this you can see which celebs are down to earth and which have their noses up their asses
Veronica Partida -- i was hontestly hoping for someone to be piss drunk :D
I was expecting way more hammer time!
They were getting BUZZed!
Imagine if the story actually went like this.... Stefani Chatterley lol
Ugh. The breathalyser! Claudia Wood Frankie Bügg Lizzy Warden Antonia Ward Edith Gibby
So you're telling me that I watched this shit (almost all the way through) and not one person was even at the legally impaired limit? I bet you'd get the same results breathalyzing people at the grocery store. What a dumb video.
Whit Whittaker I was waiting for someone to be trashed!
Kevin Spacey <3
Willie Hung keith and spacey? best thing ive seen all week.
Gabriel Amber April
Ceasar Skis "They're all the drink of the devil. Them spirtis. Give me a wholesome beer." XD
you serious 0.08 is your legal limit for driving, in Australia, it's .02
Jess Marks Lara Carvana-Anzani Vivienne Connor Ella Fitzpatrick
Ella Kathryn
Courtney Veski Bill Bryson Hahhah see I'm not the only
One who does it
Seem kinda gross. I hope they cleaned that between people.
Eliza Ghriskey Alexandra Dunning Segalas
Jameson all around Shannon 😍
Jonathan Jeff
Nicole Iaccheo Bree Brogan
Hannah Murray Just cause I saw Kevin Spacey :)
Jeremy Ciconte Luis Rodriguez JGB
I really wanna know if you guys changed the mouth piece for each person... #thingsgermaphobesthinkabout
I'm gonna drop your mic!
Could've been better Michele Ramistella
Tom Hunt
If only Tim Meadows had been there...
that clumsily done bow tie....
Miriam Sakhri
Finally you are going to the top #buzzfeed
Camila Lopez
Omg if Chris Hemsworth were there 😍😩

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