Breaking Up Over A Stupid Argument

Breaking Up Over A Stupid Argument
Breaking Up Over A Stupid Argument
Published on 10/20/2017
Breaking Up Over A Stupid Argument


She needs to go! Being close minded is bad enough, replacing Jabba with a fruit bowl....unforgivable.
Buzzfeed, you should probably make sure you look at all angles when you make your videos, because I didn't see "breaking up over a stupid arguement." I saw some guy didn't know that his girlfriend was a crazy bitch when he moved in with her. It should be called "Moving in with a crazy bitch."
This made us females look so stupid! Smh
This guy needed to know when to stop talking and this girl needs to learn how to not be ignorant of other opinions, it's like do you love the man or not (he certainly did because he compromised and tried)
Ugh. What a terrible person. She's so narrow minded. She's manipulative and twists everything, and she keeps bringing it back up!
Clearly she can't handle free thought, better off man, better off.
That chicks character is an ignorant, arrogant, nagging bitch.
This chick is pissing me off omg
"It's white and gold!"
"No! It's black and blue!"
I would have broken up with her for taking that wolf picture down...
Moving the Jabba the Hutt is grounds for separation
This is not a stupid argument. If anyone thinks as this woman does, they deserve to be dumped.
This gave me a headache fucking woman SHUT UP AND STOP COMPLAINING! !! GOSH!
is it me or was the girl waaaay too defensive.....i think this might have been a bad example of a fight..... it should have been two ways like wat actual fights are like this chick was just a psycho hahaha
From the start of the moving she had a face like she is dying to escape on the north pole just to get away from him. This brake up wasn't about the aliens... :/
Holy shit... That was stupid... If you as a person cannot understand that no one is going to agree with you 100% on everything then you should probably not date. Anyone, ever. My SO is Catholic and I'm Agnostic and am very interested in Wiccan beliefs. He respects what I believe in and i respect him. This video was pretty stupid.
What a close minded person, that fight was petty and childish to break up over . She clearly didn't love her boyfriend if she could just leave him like that ..
God, he's lucky to haven gotten out of that one! Oops, I brought God into this..
I suspect this precise conversation actually happened
Definitely had to go. She came in and changed all of his stuff with dumb stuff. And she can't handle someone else thinking something different than her without forcing her own opinions and thoughts on them.
She made that into something way bigger than it need to be and it escalated because of her and her close minded approach to an argument which should of only been an educated debate at the most
She was being horribly unreasonable. And stupid
SEriously get yourself some new writers buzzfeed
This is one of the least controversial videos this page has posted. Because we all HATE her.
I hate how the guy is avidly trying to fix the problem and stop arguing with her but she persists on trying to prove that he's an asshole.
The chick looks so bad in this, you could have found a better premise of the fight that showed both people being stupid.
Couldn't get through the whole video bc of how annoying this chick is. Your better off bro lol
She's dumb! why would anyone want to get rid of starwars posters?
It's satire people seriously? You're calling her a bitch when she's an actor -_-
I've never felt a stronger feeling of annoyance before oh my goodness, talk about being a pessimist
Plot twist: She came back wearing lingerie.
I wanted to hear the rest of the hummingbird story :(
This was the stupidest thing I've seen all day. So unrealistic smh stick to the random funny stuff buzzfeed
Can I get those 5 minutes back please? 😪
Sometimes when my boyfriend and I are over the dumbest things and we both know it, we let each other win. Because we would rather lose an argument than lose each other :p
Wow... this girl is just... I feel the need to apologize to all the guys out there that have to deal with girls like this.
Who else wants to punch her down a flight of stairs that also lands in front of a speeding train? Serious the first 10 seconds made me so pissed.
I've never disliked someone so quickly before and she's not even real. The minute she said "Well, ya but we are definitely going to have to do some redecorating." Instant dislike. I'm just hoping and crossing my fingers that real people don't actually make their significant others take down their star wars posters and move all their shit around as if it's trivial and there stuff is way better. This isn't a thing right? Please tell me it's not a thing.
I like your recipe stranger
She wouldn't be a good match for anyone!What a dumb narrow minded bitch
Prime example of how women sound to a man when they're arguing.
Gina Wulff HAHAHA this guy is just like me! I think alot and get so in depth with the universe and start flipping out if someone thinks that we are the ONLY life-form in the universe and that it's not vast and constantly expanding and not thinking of endless and limitless possibilities! =)
He is very lucky that she left. Having differing opinions is what makes a relationship fun! If you're so close-minded that you leave somebody for having a different opinion then you are pathetic. This shouldn't be called breaking up over something stupid, it should be called getting rid of an egotistical bitch who can't handle somebody having a different opinion than her.
dumbest. argument. ever.
I would
To have her as my gf
well my opinion is stop fighting and breakup up over stupid arguments ! you;ll never get him again ! ofcourse there are more women.. waiting for him .. waiting for you to breakup with him so that they get him ;) thank to god for what you get ... if you were mine .. who knows youre no more mine later .. ;) yeesh !
shes so ignorant oh god.
Holy crap this has to be the most overly dramatic thing I have ever seen!!!! It was annoying to watch

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