Brazilians Taste Test American Sweets

Brazilians Taste Test American Sweets
Brazilians Taste Test American Sweets
Published on 12/10/2017
Brazilians Taste Test American Sweets


Man, that guy must really hate his friends, if he wants to throw things at them.
"e esse também é bom pra tacar nos colegas" SEMPRE TEM UM <3
That was it?! Even I don't eat those!! Well except poptarts and pop rocks... But still come on.. They gave them twizzler?! Worst licorice ever...I'm sorry Brazil, we do have better food i promise...
I liked the video strictly for the fact that I loved the way they sounded when they spoke..
Melhor q paçoca não há
I'm an American and I can proudly say I've never had a Twinkie.
That guy with the beard is down for anything
You should do Americans taste American sweets and see what we say about it. Those are all gross hah
It's so funny that in those videos -Americans eating Brazilian snacks, and Brazilians eating American snacks- they picked up the WORST junkies , like, EVER!! And gave to the each other eat. kkkk That's a little silly indeed, but still very funny! kkkk
P.S: I, personally, buy a lot of "junkie food", and man.... They're good! Also, the American people should taste some extremely good snacks from here! But the originals, not the cheaper ones!!
you mean brazilians taste test american candy ... not snacks
If make a video of brazilians taste amarican food, would be worse, american food is a shit.
That was not the best representation of American sweets...
BUZZFEED: can you guys do a Americans taste test Mexican candy!?!? 😁☺️🇺🇸🇲🇽
Foreigners eating american food might be my favorite buzz feed videos.
American snacks taste terrible and are equally bad for your health! Yay! America!
Every single frickin time buzzfeed gives people poptarts to taste test they're not toasted. It bothers me.
Buzzfeed you've been failing in the American snacks! Give them something sour!, something chocolatey at least something with flavor! The only people that like pop tarts and twizzlers are kids
They pick the absolute worst items from American culture to taste test... ugh.
All of those snacks are disgusting to Americans too.
Twizzlers, really? Why didn't they give them red vines?!
oh noo, im german and i really have to say... us- sweets r the most disgusting sweets in the world O.o they taste like they took a ton of sugar and compressed it into a little bar. unnaturall taste and just as healthy as a roundhousekick. im so happy, that they cant export the most of the stuff :D
Kinda like when we taste their foods.
But in the American videos of people eating foods from other countries Buzzfeed tries so hard to be polite and not offend even when they know it's nasty but with other countries trying American foods is no holds barred.
USA is Chemi ugh blanlaugh.The same style snacks in Europa but taste 1000000000 times better like 4 real.
I don't like American sweets for all of those reason
it just show that american food is bad for you!!
They always put the worst American snacks ever.
The caption for the video is supposed to be sweets, not snacks
In brazil we have one of the healthiest food in the world, so Twizzlers are like nightmare to us. I do like Pop Tarts personally, but can't eat more than half of one. Waaaay too sweet.
What a let down for me.they tried completely different snacks than what the cover of the video shows...
At 1:33, buzzfeed misspelled "strawberry".
These were horrible snacks to send. Poptarts are disgusting, twizzlers licorice is BY FAR the worst (seriously we couldnt send red vines?!) and I agree with them it tastes like eating plastic. And pop rocks?! Really?! Those are for kids, they have no flavor. Good grief this was a stupid taste test.
I just like listening to them talk!! Ha
That's why they are not American....but we could have given them better American snacks that stuff from MREs....
None of the snacks in the thumbnail were actually in the video. 😒
"Since these say this explodes we should proceed with caution" 😂 so cute that comment lmao!
Those are the best snacks you guys could think of...
Who thought of having them taste test these things?! There are far better snacks here!! Damn Buzzfeed! Yall are shitty snack pickers!
Yuck buzzfeed you dong have ideas no more
"Esse é bom para atacar nos colega" KKKKKK so funny u.u
How about we try it again with some snacks that us Americans actually find tasty.
seriously us Americans doesn't eat that bullshit .. Yall pushing it !
We have weak shit for snacks it seems.
BuzzFeeed Brasil é tipo funcionários gringos meio gay esse vídeo!!!
Me amarrei nesse vídeo, socorro. Brasileiros sempre sinceros.
they give them the worse snacks.
What would you say are the best snacks that the USA has
Why do they always give these guys twizzlers? And at least toast the pop tart! Also, I'm American I never buy twinkies. BY THE WAY, where are the oreos?
Do people actually eat those as snacks? Absolutely no nutritional value. SMH AMERICA SMH

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