Boob Tricks That Seem Like Magic

Boob Tricks That Seem Like Magic
Boob Tricks That Seem Like Magic
Published on 10/19/2017
Boob Tricks That Seem Like Magic


I'm confused, I thought you wanted eye contact.
What woman in her right mind would wear TWO BRAS AT ONCE? That's a whole lotta NOPE.
The paper clip just helped me solve how to hid the straps when wearing a tank🙌🏽
And then the guy finds out you were lying about your size
Can you guys make an opposite video?
OR HERE IS AN the body you were given....I would hate to be in the middle of a hook-up and explain: why you were wearing two bras or why makeup is all over him from contouring, why there is a paperclip and how to get it off or why your bra feels like a water balloon...yep I say just love what you got.
lol, boobs doesn't matter, if you really love the girl, you love them for who they are, not what they look like.
God.. Could you imagine the feeling of taking TWO bras off at the end of the day? 😂
It doesn't mean she isn't happy with the ones she has she wants to make them look better. That's like saying every girl who wears makeup is insecure.
Watching it for science.
Lmfao at "boob contouring", because wearing makeup on your face isn't enough we have to contour our titties. 😂 it's all fun and games until you go hugging people and you leave contoured boob prints on their shirts....
Alternate ending, "but in the still have small boobs..."
And then you get into bed with the girl take off the bra and its like what the fuck happen to the tits I just seen a few seconds ago
Do they have one to make them look smaller? 😂
You do you, boo boo. You do you.
God when it said "cutlets" I thought she was going to put meat in her bra.
I like how buzzfeed will post about not objectifing woman and thennnn this stuff...
Orrrrr you could just love your body.
Really needed this. Thanks!
Really Buzzfeed? You're so desperate for video ideas it's come to this?
Everything i love has been a lie
This is pathetic.
What's wrong with small boobs? Rock what you've got and ignore what everyone else pressures you to look like. Big boobs or small boobs, we're all beautiful.
Wait... I thought BuzzFeed Video just made a video about "natural beauty" and girls being happy with themselves the way they are??
Maybe she should worry about brushing her hair Instead of the size of her boobs😂😂
Now everything makes sense. My life is complete.
The chip bag effect: Looks like a lot of boobs but when you open the bag it's only half full
Honestly I hate having big boobs, I wish they were a little smaller! I always have back pain, it's impossible to find a good bra that has full coverage and is a cute bra at the same's hard to find bathing suit tops, dresses and regular shirts that fit right but don't show too little cleavage so your boobs don't look like they're coming out of your neck and you don't wanna show too much cleavage and look like a whore cuz your boobs are falling out of your top. Haha trust me just be happy with how your body is having big boobs is always that great
And that is why men have trust issues....
Great now make a video on ways to make your boobs look smaller so creepers can quit hitting on me! 😛😛
I don't think guys would notice a little extra cleavage over something as simple as...I don't know...the fact she didn't even comb her hair ...give guys some credit because they do look up
Isn't that a disappointment for the guy? Basically your not being yourself and tricked him
Or how about we just make a video about women accepting their breasts no matter what size they are? :]
This is awful. This is encouraging false advertisement.
I kinda have crush on her... lul
I don't need tricks to make mine look bigger. I need tricks to shrink mine.
Jenna Marbles did this 4 years ago.
i hardly breathe in a single bra -_-
I barely wear make up on my face.. Fuck this I'm chill with my tiny titties xD
not worth the time and effort...just be yourself
What if we try all of these at once!!!....?????
How to make them look smaller? Lol
Next Video For Male Genital!! 🍌
fucking really when will women realize you dont need to fake your damn boobsize. yeah fake that body fat c;
Jenna Marbles beat you to this already
I absolutely hate having boobs, my boobs are huge as it is. Plus my boobs are the major cause of my back problems. Girls, that have small boobs, please be grateful for the little bit you got. I would love to get a reduction to where I can have little boobs instead these huge ones I have now.
Can you show how to get your accurate size? A lot of females have trouble with that.
Lol not to saying the girl in the video wasn't attractive.. But they should have used Eugene...he could have slayed us ..
Her boobs were fine to begin with but maybe they could have brushed her hair. :)
Is there any videos on how to make your boobs smaller? 😂

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