Black Panther Gun Group In Texas Leads Open Carry "Black Lives Matter" Protest Against Police Brutality!

Black Panther Gun Group In Texas Leads Open Carry "Black Lives Matter" Protest Against Police Brutality!
Black Panther Gun Group In Texas Leads Open Carry "Black Lives Matter" Protest Against Police Brutality!
Published on 11/19/2017
Black Panther Gun Group In Texas Leads Open Carry "Black Lives Matter" Protest Against Police Brutality!


White lives matter too. But if the KKK marched about that, it would be racist, right?
Sooooo black lives matter, but only when its not a black person doing the killing
I don't understand why these white people so mad? Commenting bullshit like "If the KKK did this it would be racist!"
Well the KKK is a racist group you know? And the KKK does stand for something entirely different which is their shitty believe that white people are the Master Race. Another thing I'd like to point out is that the KKK does this already but with police protection.
What these Black Panthers are doing is standing up against Police Brutality. I didn't read "Black Panthers March into town and murder 17 white people". You ignorant fucks are just that, ignorant.
If I get a group of white people an walk down the road and yell white power we would be called Nazis and racist. But what ever. Shit will never change.
Everyone of these blacks are racist if us white people did that we would be racist right? Aint no fuckin different white power or yelling black power its a racist statement but whites get in trouble for it lol aint none of you negros ever experienced slavery but wanna act like a victim....blacks are more racist then most white people
This is an absolute shame. I am black and you cannot tell me that this isn't being displayed. If white people did this alsharpton will be all over it. As an African American I condemn this in every way possible. Wrong is wrong period
Now if the kkk would do that all hell would break loose
I just came to see white ppl get tough and talk shit behind a screen
Life matters when there is a purpose.. black or white, do something to contribute to the world, not make it worst.
Anybody else see the only white bitch gettin ran through by the squad lol. 😂😂😂😂😂
Shiiitttt they won't try this in California..walk around with guns like that and get shot
We learned racism from your white ancestors.When we want liberation we have to stand strong if whites would stop being so dumb and think about all the injustice us people of color face then maybe things would change or if you all left all the countries where you took by force and go crawl back into the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia Russia the world be a much beer place.And hell white folks carry guns all the time.Stop trying to hide that we live in a white racist society. I can't wait until it's reversed all the things you al have done according to the bible will be repaid back to you Edomites.Cave dwelling neanderthals.Trust that
"white power" = KKK racist
"black power" = exercising There rights...
Come on!
What a waste of a movement. Maybe gather against crip and blood gang members killing black people like crazy. But that's none of my business 🍻🍻
Wtf are white people doing there😂
"Too black too strong too black too strong" first bitches to cry because something's racist
Whats the little girl doing there ?
I'm so tired of seeing and hearing Black Live Matter...
To all Americans....
Then the cops won't beat you... It's the simple...
Promise you if da whites started marching like dat they would be better armed than that lol
Everyone lives matter not just blacks.
The black panther party should be protecting blacks from their real enemy....OTHER BLACKS!!!
These are the real terrorist, if they are wanting to play the role of being such a Bad Ass Join the Military Fuckers and fight for your freedom. Plus quit dragging your children into the marching, there going to turn out as ignorant as yoy all.
Nope too much ignorance in this comment section. Learn some history, the black panthers have been controversial, but most good things are. They have done great things historically and they are continuing to do so now. They are getting the word out about this disgusting oppression that has cemented itself into our society and it's only made stronger every time an ignorant white person gets offended and posts a hateful comment. These people are only abiding by our laws. They are allowed to open carry, and more importantly illustrate their point against police brutality and inequality. Black power is important because black lives matter, and if you don't understand that all I can suggest is to actually go talk to someone instead of making assumptions. These groups obviously want to be heard, all you have to do is listen.
racism at its finest
If blacks learn to shut there pie holes and listen they probably wudnt get shot.
Let white ppl do that shit saying too white to strong. I bet it gets turned into a problem
Double standards
Reminds me of a radical group called ISIS
Can we drink beer and get alone damn
Flo vieeeeenns on sera biiiiien
The black panthers. Bahahaha. More like the black kittens. They are a joke. Do you really want to go back to the times when they were relevant? Trust me you do not want a race war.
They even have little kids dressed up and marching this must be something serious
Wtf is that white bitch doin lmao.
Real black power
Fuck these people. Lmaol. So pathetic just like the kkk. No difference at all. How about you all stop braking the law and stop trying to resist arrest and maybe you wont get shot. Smh

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