Bet She Got Fired

Bet She Got Fired
Bet She Got Fired
not funny wtf page site
Published on 11/23/2017
Bet She Got Fired


Going to lose a lot of viewers if you keep putting stupid stuff like this up , not funny at all seeing ppl get severely hurt , (Stupid , Stupid , Stupid)
Who posted this?? This is a human being who is going to have very serious burns and scarring for the rest of her life. When I hit the play button, I expected ”funny”, hence the name of this site ”funny videos”. Use some responsibility and intelligence before posting crap like this! See ya, UNSUBCRIBING!
What is funny about that? Unsubscribe.
Dont understand why its on this page NOT FUNNY at all some people must have a sick sense of humour OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is absolutely gruesome, if you take a lighter and light the tip of your thimb for a second, you would most likely have a burn there for the rest of your life. That person in that video was on fire, for a good while, the fire was on her face, her body, and her legs. That would be the most painful experience in your whole life, your a Fucking disgrace if you find this funny, and to put on your page...
The next time you post a "funny video" like this, I will unsubscribe!
This horrible.. Whoever thinks this is funny is sick in the head!!!!
Unsubscribed... you're sick ! God Bless this lady and praying for a quick recovery
Not funny
Thought this site was named FUNNY VIDEOS.... Not anymore.... Jeesh horrible
Wow 😮 that's terrible..
This is NOT funny! You are definitely going to lose me if you post stuff like this.
Wow...whoever uploaded this video should really check the definition of "funny" next time, that was horrific, unliked!
Not funny at all. Tragic......
you don't make fun out of that, shame on you.
Just unliked and reported this page. Horrible.
delete ... so not funny
Those who think this is FUNNY must be SICKOS
OMG that's horrible not funny at all !!!!
NOT FUNNY? WTF?! Why did you post this video?
Remove this video.
Nick honestly think getting burnt is funny, if you do then maybe you deserved it!!! This video IS NOT funny, seeing someone suffer IS NOT funny!! And whoever runs this site should have their head tested.....your pathetic!! I pray that poor woman is ok.
Not funny at all
This girl is on fireeeeeeeeeee
Benoît Molle Damien Delestienne
wow i dont know where's the funny thing ??
بهاء الغول جنين عامر العمور ابو محمود
مشان تعرفو ليش مخليتش عبود ينزل المشروبات الكحوليه على المنيو ههههه♥♥
Wtf! Jelena Tomić
this is how I can stuff up poring a jug Cody Howard Nathan Tabain Brock McCabe Isaac Cordon Dillon Haley James Jordon Aaron Magher
Really NOT funny!!!
Whats funny about that poor girl
this is not funny at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh god!!!! That's shocking 😰 even putting it on this page & people don't even think here are small children on Facebook & they can see it
You better delete this video this is ain't funny at all ,where is you're fucking minimal respect for human
Ismael Calix Daniel M Buenrostro Alex Santos
wtf! Not funny, just shocking! Never saw that coming! Craig T M Lynn
The video should not be here, is not a funny at all we don't know what really happened with the person,, it made me feel bad,, it was an accident
Why is this on funny videos?
Arsalan M Anwer
John Sily Abdullah Max
Truly shouldn't be on this ? This is funny NOT
NOT a funny video! Quit posting horrifying things!
Danny Durkin Jake Collins
Luke Curgenven Nic Altmann
Niclas Jacobsson Christoffer Sörensen
Its not funny . Its sick
Faissal RM
That is disgraceful!! I don't see how that is funny in any way shape or form!!! Awful.
Nawal Al Lababidi this not funny at all

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