Best prank ever

Best prank ever Credit To: Beau Chevassus
Best prank ever
printer window guy lol prank
Published on 10/18/2017
Best prank ever
Credit To: Beau Chevassus


He's like : Shit printer let's get out of here !
that guy is an effing survivor, didn't even hesitate to break that window Lmfao
so there's a door right beside him, and he chooses to throw his printer and climb out the damn window ._.
like if you are leaning on your left arm
He just broke a window for a Vine ?!
Tht guy has some good survival instincts
why the printer wasn't cabled ? o.O
who else thought he was going to throw the printer at the other person lol
This is the guy who'll survive in the horror movie.
like if you're leaning on your dick
Faker then my girlfriend orgasm
go go go :D ( Troll Face )
That's like not even funny and unnecessary what people do for vine it's stupid now you gotta pay for your damn window to be replaced
Why wasnt his printer plugged in?
no one would actually throw a printer out the window...
How many people have a unplugged printer just sitting on the desk?
Guess the printer works on Windows!
It's sad how fake that was
wait a girl is under his desk touching his legs and he did not know it?
like if you are leaning on your left arm !!
u think he broke a printer n a window to do a 6 second vid?
like if you're taking a shit while watching this.
Becuz using the door is overrated
fake in so many ways!
Waayyy over dramatic and not funny
break a window to make a 6 seconds vídeo, this is stupid
Might have believed it until the printer went thru the window...little too much..good try though.
Croatia <3
obv planned i guess the printer was broken and they hated that glassed window or there just stupid enough to not know the price of a glass window is these days
this guy is ready for the zombie apocalypse
Lmao whyyyy the fuck did he have to throw the printer through the window lol
If they woulda just left the printer n have dude just jump out the window, it would of looked less staged
Was smashing the window really worth the likes?
the printer was conveniently unplugged lol
Like if you watched it more than once
Rodrigo Sales , Anderson Barbosa Edson Oliveira
Why do ppl have to over do a prank. -_- it kills the enjoyment.
jag avlider HAHAH Elin HelgessonKarolin Persson
Tangmo Saduagkan Kyrah Chotitawan Proud Sornpaisarn Chada Kengradomying Hungjew Kittithat Thanaboonchai Slynn Dusdeesurapoj May Ponnaset Ply Meekul Minnie Sukmanus
Sujung Choi this is what Sheila Sharifi would do
Lucas Andersson i can't believe you just did that
Andrea Quinones Emily Gjertsson Sophie Popa SOOO MEEE
Julia Katja & Monique :DDDDDDD

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