Best gas station party & burnout contest ever!!

Best gas station party & burnout contest ever!!
Best gas station party & burnout contest ever!!
Published on 12/11/2017
Best gas station party & burnout contest ever!!


Son of a bitch...wish I was there!
Which state do you think that's in? Hope dallas, tx!
You're welcome! :D
Joey Bona Taylor Kay now thats a car meet
Were. R ya at?
Where is this?
Damm I wish we had a racing scene like that here in boreing ass tucson, az
Bowling green LS fest
Josh Miko
The American street scene David Patmore Steven Scoble
God I can't wait for 2K14
Aaron Hallmark we missed this! Dammit :/
Bowling Green, Ky! Haha My house is like a min down the road!
Haha Aaron Powell I know how u feel...
Antonio Rivera find a swap meet like dat n let me know
James Lytal Jr. Chad Pruitt
Alex Boling we missed it. Told you we should have gone.
Andy Singharat fuck. that would be sick!!
Bowling Green, Kentucky after LS Fest at Beech Bend
Ky knows how to get down ls fest wish I could of made it
Did I just see Taylor Posey and Eric Ehlers in this lol
Lol maybe.
Trying to get that 15 minutes of fame
Nah there's cameras everywhere here. Bobby Randolph
Alex Legge we left to early
Kentucky knows how to party.
Josh Cooper....we left too early
We don't even party like this in Texas. Wish we did though.
Andrew Perry Nick Petitioning Fon Fortner
Rick Trunkett
Lets do this at the country store in Boardman Corey, Cameron, n Eric!!! Ha!
Dam not thats one hell of a party
Wheres all this go down at
Race way gas station right off one of the main roads in Bowling Green. Pretty funny this was the spot this year. Hot rod weekend it was at the holiday inn convention center. Best one though ever was mustang weekend 4 or 5 years ago. Hobby lobby dude drove his mustang up the guide wire of a telephone pole after doing a burn out. 1320 should come back for that weekend. If you want to see the video search YouTube drive by wire bowling green ky
Those were good times Chris Long
Lol dang they let them do this? That's awesome!
Yep, we should have gone to LS Fest, Corey Whitted.
Like if u where there!!!!
Chad Pruitt James Lytal Jr.
this owner is smart hes gonna make alot of money
Taylor Delahoussaye
This made lsfest the shit!! Glad I went.
God I miss my fbody so bad
Denis John Ahmetovic
amerikelebs pakrishkis boli evasebat :D:D
clerk was probably like "shiiit, we gonna makin money tonight!!" ahaha

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