Best Destiny clip ever!

Best Destiny clip ever!
Best Destiny clip ever!
destiny dick party man
Published on 10/22/2017
Best Destiny clip ever!


People still play Destiny?
destiny sucks balls
Still lost the match, though...
Titans are the best.
Such a pity Destiny came out just before Advanced Warfare and Halo Masterchief, otherwise it'd be much more popular still.
This is exactly how world wars get started
this is when a tea party turns into a teabag party.
Blade Dancer was going to kill him
''Don't worry, i'm friendly.''
nice troll
No Tbag??
This is why i have trust issues.
Such a dick move
that man said.., SIKE!
he sat there giving zero fucks
If that happened to me, I'd say ingame, "Ohohohohohhohohoo you clever little shit."
*gets shot*
Titan player in party: NO WAIT GUYS ITS ME
others: oh , ok guys lets make this staged kill epic!!!!
Indeed.. that was epic.
thug life
Buahahahhahahah omg
good god people are idiots
you awsome bastard
Somebody studied psychology
Dick move..
jajajajajajaj como los cago
game ??
a le btard xD
J'ai pas compris xD Pourquoi ils t'ont pas tués en fait ?
I have done that on a warlock except it wasnt a set up and it was a seven man kill feed
If I did that I would of died
Get Rekt Son
lol there sooo stupid
Awesome tatic man! (y) xD
Appearances can be deceiving
What a dick
I need the link to this video.
Das ist sooo ... geil !!! 😜💥💣
DE lo mejor que he visto!!!!!!!!!!!!!! un genio!!!!11
g fucking g
but how ????? couldnt they see him sitting and not being dead ???

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