Before They Were On "Game of Thrones"

Before They Were On "Game of Thrones"
Before They Were On "Game of Thrones"
Published on 11/17/2017
Before They Were On "Game of Thrones"


Jason just gets better with age omg
I don't know if it's just me but i find Peter Dinklage to be a very Foxy man.
My childhood is ruined knowing that Robert baratheon is Fred flintstone
Most of them were on Harry Potter? The nerd in me is so happy right now :)
Jason Momoa has come a long way.
What a TERRIBLE example of what Peter Dinklage has done before Game of Thrones.
God he was hot on Baywatch
Peter Dinklage was also in Elf. "Call me elf one more time!"
They forgot Ned Stark played by Sean Bean is also Boromir in LotR
I expected non of these
I can't handle this ENTIRE video. I need a minute in the corner.
damn littlefigure put up a fight agaist jackie
Looks like joffrey heard harvey dent saying "you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"
I have 1 word to say about Rory McCann and that is "YARP" lol
Khal Drogo doe
2 shockers!!! Sandor is handsome and Robert was Fred Flinstone!!!! 😱
They missed a perfectly good opportunity to show Peter Dinklage from the movie ELF.
What about the two kids that were on Skins?!
Ummm there are better roles to show for some of these people (i like the bad commercials and music videos though, they made me lol)... :/
I'm impressed you didn't mention that Aidan Gillen played the main role in Queer As Folk UK because, guys... he's the real deal
No Daenerys. :(
Peter dinkledge has been so much more than a voice on sinfeild!!!
He was Fred Flinstone?! The one whose death started a civil war across the whole realm?! Oh dear.
Baywatch Drogo is still scary.
Why didn't the put Rory as the Yarp Guy in Hot Fuzz? It was so funny!!
Why didn't you use The Golden Child for Charles Dance?? Every time I see him I want to scream "MY DEAR SWEET BROTHER NUMSIE!!"
lmao porridge oats 😂😂
Omg I had no clue Robert was the dad from still standing. The powers of a beard!
Jason Momoa is like a fine wine. He gets better with age. 🙌
Jason was in Atlantis as well!!
2 people from harry potter
1 from star wars
Whoa, wait a second... For Charles Dance, why didn't you show him in the 90's classic Last Action Hero? Or 80's classic The Golden Child? Or as a lowly henchman in For Your Eyes Only who gets shot in the back with a spear gun before he finishes his first line of dialogue?
Still cant believe the cutest kid from batman grew up to be the most hated character on game of thrones
Before game of thrones, there was nothing
Khal drogo il se resemble trop pas ahhaha
Wow O_O
worth it.
I was hoping for a Mackenzie Crook Orell/Gareth clip.
Thanks for ruining the show lol
khal drogo :3
Niki Hollingworth I don't watch game of thrones but I know you're obsessed so I hope you enjoy this haha
Aidan Gillen was also a regular on The Wire for 3 years.
That just made me laugh!
Mo A-h so weird. When they do characters post GOT they'll show Rob stark as the Prince in Cinderella loll
Knew half of these :)
So cool!!!
Jason is also on red road and is sexy as hell.

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