Becoming Vine Famous When You Live With Your Grandma In Ohio

Becoming Vine Famous When You Live With Your Grandma In Ohio
Becoming Vine Famous When You Live With Your Grandma In Ohio
Published on 10/19/2017
Becoming Vine Famous When You Live With Your Grandma In Ohio


I just like her because she's really confident
am i the only one just hearing about her
my hater layer keeps the haters out and the warmth in lol love it
This chick....this chick makes me have hope for the future. Good job Marissa.
Anyone else reminded of amanda hackey
I'm waiting for all the negative comments on her. she's truly so funny and she's so confident about herself. as anyone should be. KEEP BEING YOURSELF AND SLAY THESE HATING DOUCHEBAGS
Hahahaha that's me. 💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖
I love her, she is hilarious. 😁
BuzzFeed with another glorious video of theirs that concludes they're running out of ideas.
Ahhh I love her!! She's helped me gain so much confidence in myself and has taught me to be myself and not care what others think it say.
I just don't think she's funny. Nothing against her, im sure she's a great person. She's just not my cup of tea nawmean?
SMH Am I the only one that can't stand this chick.?? Hate her videos, All of em
I grew up with Marissa since we was 14 years old. She's been one of my good friends and stuck by me when my mom was an abusive asshole. Any of you haters stfu.
I fear for what this world will be like in 5 years. This is what's "popular" and "famous" .. Meanwhile important shit is happening around the globe and she's getting 'likes' and 'shares' for stupid humor. A loop of sounds? Really? That's what our society lives for? ....... Wow, just wow. I'm glad I've never heard of her. If it were actually entertaining, I'd understand....but no
I've never even see her vines before or even heard of her.
"bam! Kiwis.."
F YEAH u go girl
She is having fun and not hurting anyone,that`s what it`s all about.
She's hysterical!
my hater layer... #lovvvvveit
Yeah no
"my hater layer keeps the hater out and the warmth in" X'D i love this
I wish I had her confidence.
I really dis like people that make fun of the fat people you don't no what they go through day in an day out People need have respect for each other in stop being bullies in let them dream in what they out of life
BuzzFeed!!! Thank you for the positivity, this girl deserves to be featured. She's confident and she does good for this world with her other jobs! #BeTheChangeYouWishToSee
She looks like a blast to hang out with!! Hilarious
I think it's great she is so confident!! I can already see the comments about her physical appearance.... Just stop... That girl doesn't care what you think and by being rude your proving nothing so keep your mouth shut!
Main source of income?! How much does one make per vine?!!!
How about getting a job and being a productive member of society? She's one of the problems with the world.
Lol I love those socks 😍
She's so funny ^_^
I don't care if she is fat or skinny. I still think she is pretty. And what a funny girl too !
I feel like it's bullshit that someone uneducated without a job can make stupid videos and make a ton of money, but those of us with degrees can barely find a job to make a living. Outrageous how this world works.
How the hell do you get paid (and paid well) from being popular on vine? Like wtf has this world come to? Like good for U girl, I think your hilarious! But you should not be getting paid for it, none of them should!
She annoys me, I don't even think she's funny. She actually disgusts me... And it has nothing to do with her weight.
Yeah I've never heard of her.
Clearly this generation of kids is going to shit.
I'm sorry guys, I just watched the link Niki provided and honestly, I was unimpressed. I applaud her confidence and the work she does to combat bullying, I love that she sends the message that she is self aware and self accepting; our society needs more of that attitude. That said, her comedy was pithy and frothy, it was mediocre at best. If it makes people laugh and her happy, though, that's what matters. Just my 2c.
Vine famous? That's a thing now? I'm getting too old for this shit.
Can't we all just get along... Isn't there enough hate in the world. If you like her 😊 great. Enjoy her ( which I will do) and if you dont like it... Then don't watch. Simple as that. Don't watch. Smile and share peace. 😁
Who the fuck is this?
I'm officially too old for this! I can't even..
I'm sorry... I'm probably stuck in the past but how is this talent?? I'm not hating TRUST ME!! But isn't it sad that now you make a facial expression or are over weight and everyone feels sorry for them and fills them up with complements that they really don't deserve! This world is running out of talent!!!! I wanna go back to the 50's!!!
She's cute. :)
omg i love herrrr
Even though you know they're in heaven. It still hurts so much knowing you won't be able to talk or laugh together on earth,that's why we should make sure that we enjoy all times with our love ones while they are here.
Hater layer! Love it! HAHAHAHA
I love you and everything you stand for. You make the world a better place...
I love herrrr
Because a overly fat chick that acts like she's a little kid is so funny. Not.

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