Beats by Dre Commercials For Everyday Situations

Beats by Dre Commercials For Everyday Situations
Beats by Dre Commercials For Everyday Situations
Published on 12/10/2017
Beats by Dre Commercials For Everyday Situations


"Did you pay your rent yet?
"I think you're using your imagination more than the headphones." lol
Dealing with Sallie Mae, you're doing it right.
Do you even know a dre song? Say one lyric. HAHAHAH
this is the best.
I got $12 headphones that sound exactly the same as the Beats. You just gotta know your sound systems , you'll save money.
I play the Dad in this. I still miss Steven.
"Say one lyric."
"Do you even know a Dr. Dre song" 😂
I'm pretty certain I'd be like the black girl at the end. "So...why did you pay $300 for headphones?" Esp when the $50 Sony ones do the job just fine, except they don't get your dumbass fucking mugged for wearing them.
I was kinda expecting Colin Kaepernick to show up in the end. LOL
why are they eating dry noodles and slices of bread?
what is the name of this song?
That Sallie Mae one! Yes!
This is very rude in so many ways...
1:13 I like the way she kills the white guy. "Have you pays you're rent yet??" 😂😂😂 Emina Karišik Imane Essayah Debby Deborah
Madian Sabti Furat Alsabti Brittney Wishart Alice Sullivan Sean Harrison Nyàk Dawn Chang
What's that song
Deborah Oyeyemi Melisa Dindoruk Tristen Salina Sarah M. Aldin
Abdulrehman Hashmi
Mark Sandoval
Paochee Moua Tiffany Xiong LMAO HAHAHAH
Mahroo Mahmoodi needed
Sallie Mae called her lol I can sooo relate to ignoring that call lol
Mike White
Farhan Redzuan
Benjo Dizon
Jason Chin today LOL skip to 1;00
Tess Sutton
Alexandre Boudreau
Tommy Colman Peter Fousek Wyatt Winfrey u guys with ur beats. esp. the last 1
Caitlyn Elizabeth phteven
Henderson Luu William Tse hahah I love this!!
Karl De Castro Jomary Banania HAHA
Do you even know a Dr Dre lyric
Xavier Harington
Pattie Robert Arienne
Syeda Gulsan Alina Yasin Sharika Deo 😂😂😂😂😂
Who's song is that??
Dalton Robert Allen Hageman I want this sonh
Hahahaha Jackie Cao Alan Lam Johnson Nguyen Chris Pear
Chris V and I think beats are crap
Awais Azhar
Zachary Evans
Shaman Eve Evan Belli need this everyday
Mohammad Wasiuddin
I like the last guys face!!!! Its like "oh yea bitch! This is why i bought these headphones!" Lolol
i be at costco like... Robert Ramirez
Bose headphones all the way. Beats suck

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