Beater Bomb vs Bikes! Street Race!

The ol' Beater Bomb shows some bikes how to street race after one of our local meets!
Beater Bomb vs Bikes! Street Race!
Published on 12/11/2017
The ol' Beater Bomb shows some bikes how to street race after one of our local meets!


Really.. I have a 600 and there definitely not for drag raceing I mean come on who stretchs a 600... Go home you're drunk.
whether the Stang is fast or not those fools need to learn how to launch a bike if they are going to line up. Especially if you come out looking like a tool in a stretched 600. If you can't lean forward and feather it enough, get back on a 250 and start over.
I see lots of people posting who have no idea about this car....
Mustangs with chevy parts are always fast lol
Worst launch ever. The stretched gxsr should be ashamed.
Who cares about bikes?!!
Mustang leaves early and blows up in a puff of smoke around the 1/8 mile?
Bike ryders suck. Cant launch for shit. Mustang jumped and he blew the car up. Watch it smoke out at the end. Ford sux. Better luck wit a chevy. I could've taken his ass wit a 650 GSXR.
R1 rider needs to sell his bike.
Let me run that car...
Isn't the beater bomb a LSX 5.3 stroked to a 331? With a kit or two on stray?
1320 needs a representative for every state so we can get the show really going
Riders can't launch for shit
My gixxer would kill that fox. Weak riders
Please put me on that 600 and I give the pos ford a head start
Ol stang beat that ass
Xendu StuntLife ai mano deixou pra traz kkkkkkkkkkkkk
500hp car vs noobs that can't drive their bikes...
Beater bomb is like chuck norris
Butt hurt people all over just take the loss and shut up
Looks like Beater Bomb dropped something out of that motor on that pass!
Shows them how to jump a launch and then blow up?
You compare me tho these idiots Jordan Kauffman damn Shame, learn ow to ride Gsxr your drunk
Ppl act like there is no car that can beat a street bike just get over it
The guy on the bike must not know what he's doing
Joey Hiykel
Ahh fire! Haha :)
Allen Radford
No honks or flag? They just waited for the stang to roll out?
Justin Scott. Ethan Jackson
Flako Srt Pastrana
Aarhon Marquez fox body moves
Daniel Perez
Horrid bike riders....
Chris Duffy the stang!!
Sami A. Khalil
RevJosh Howard there an R1 in there too. But I agree about the 600 and who the hell would stretch a 600 what an idiot
Adson Rodrigues
William Liam Johnston Colin Cunningham Brian Stevenson
Haha 2nd time I was tagged in this today lol Jarrette Rubba
Ve we Cesar Ibarra
Jonathan Auger
Leon Clarkson you man, i use to have a 1990 GT 5.0. That's dope.
Charley CharleyWopp Moore Check these squids getting rekt by 500hp
That dude needs to learn how to drive a bike must have been his first day lol

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