Banana Nutella Sushi

Banana Nutella Sushi
Banana Nutella Sushi
Published on 11/24/2017
Banana Nutella Sushi


You guys should rename your channel to, shit you can do with hot Cheetos and Nutella 😂😂😂
Too bad Nutella is disgusting though
Mix cereal with Nutella and dip banana
I just want to know who has this great love of Nutella at BuzzFeed😳
It should be named Banana-Nutella-Maki :P
Well, this is not sushi you may say Banana Nutela lookalike sushi.
Just saying but "Sushi" stands for "with rice" or vinegar rice. This is just a banana dipped in Nutella.
Those banana peels has good Nutella on them!!!
I actually thought they were going to put bananas and Nutella on sushi..
Banana, nutella and sushi shouldn't go together in a sentance
How about just Nutella wrapped in more Nutella 😋
jesus another Nutella video?? Buzzfeed is def on Nutella's payroll MrTesh
waste of nutella on the banana peel ! 😲
Nutella has 100 Calories per tablespoon so chill out with the Nutella BuzzFeed! Haha
Buzzfeed has no chill on the Nutella
Buzzfeed is on Nutella's payroll. Always freaking Nutella videos.
A banana wrapped in Special K and Nutella is still just a banana
Nancy this kinda sushi I could eat! I tried real sushi this past week & 😝 it was gross
Are u serious! 😳 wow! Pealing banana cover it in Nutella and cereal! So creative ! Wow! And call it sushi!
BuzzFeed: the nutella obesity page
Banana Nutella sushi bacon, is next?
How is the nutella sticking to the banana so well 💁
buzzfeed is obsessed wit nutella
Stop with the Nutella, buzzfeed
That moment when you're allergic to Nutella and bananas 😥
Falando em Nutella 😍😂👐🏽 Lucas Violato (tirando a banana, tá ótimo)
Jesa lol banana Nutella sushi jaja
I have to be the only one who doesn't like Nutella? Or bacon!
Nutella is gross. Yup, I'll be the one person to say it.
I think I would just make a bowl of rice crispy cereal, add Nutella to the milk and put banana on top.
Tyler 😍 I love sushi and Nutella so this is great (:
Que tal um sushi de banana com Nutella, Tharles?
Mira Vanessa <3! Sushi de platano con nutella! Jajaja lo hubiéramos inventado nosotras jiji
Tamires Cioffi
Sushi+banana hahaha
Liliana kkkk amiga esqueça banana Split hahaa foca na banana nutella sushi 😂😍👌👌
Nina Be Banane? Geil. Nutella? Geiler. Sushi? Am geilsten. Banane-Nutella-Sushi? Ist das zum aushalten?! :D
"Muito trabalho. Basta colocar a banana na nutella" concordo haha Kaoan Oliveira
Elysia - sweet Nutella sushi! :P
Braeden! Banana and Nutella!!! Not sushi but it looks awesome! 😱
Next week: deep fried banana Nutella and rice crispy treat sushi. Covered in bacon.
' Amor Thyago, vai um sushi de banana com Nutella ? kkk
Courtney, try this one dear haha ez sushi
Oumaïma Nassih That's a banana sushi, pas celui de sushi do tout pourri
Nutella und Sushi, zwei Dinge die du magst ;)😋Lotti Holz
Banana nutella Sushii Susi
ooooooor you couldve just dip the banana in nutella then dip in krispy rice but whatevr
This doesn't even look close to sushi. It's just a nutella covered banana.
Bananas and Nutella.......bast
Here is some sushi Katie will like... You're welcome! ;) Nutella makes me think of your kid! lol
peal the banana in to the Nutella and dip an eat

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