BADASS Drag Supra Running 7's!

BADASS Drag Supra Running 7's!
car lol dude
Published on 10/21/2017


8.3 sec. 1250 hp mustang > 7.9 sec. 2000 hp supra.
People from Vegas know what's up
Man i remember when Dana Westover supra was white. Still kickin ass
The King of imports
God, I love the sound of a screamin' 2JZ. That turbo spool tho!
Still my favorite Supra since I first filmed it at TX2K8!
Is it just me or does it still have irs? Squat...
that thing is fast
Oh that's nice.
Very sick
One of my favorite cars at tx2k15.
Real Cargasm
No shit
Jimi Peters listen t this thing shift with a powerglide...
Clash Of Clans - TH9 vs TH8 War Attack Using 38 HOG RIDER
Kenny Johnson look at this engine bay
Lance Vigil dude check out how clean that CF dash is
J SupraFly Edmondson Trey Anthony Carter Adam Saxx Kevin Snow
Logan Gray carbon dash and pro efi lol
Wayne Ethier Jr. That "foreign" car lol
Victor Khmelovskiy, Chuong Ton, Aummy Varda. My next car!!
Mazara Del Vallo I want my S4 lookin like the inside of that car
Rakesh Joynathsing Alessio Di Toro
Reece Lovering Daniel 'Dan' Tarbuck
That would be Jimmy Crawmagnum
Rey Hernandez this is a car lol
Pour toi Guy-Guy Cloutier ru va aimé sa
Dean Tronson
Patrick Pelchat
Joaquin dude by now you should be right about there
Robert was this the one at IFO??
Chris Soto
Japanese car haters incoming.
Craig Mann Scott Bailey
Manuel Quintero
Cody Martin
Kevin Cruz
Jarrod Lindell Josh Waulters
Leon Lundberg
Phil Bates
Lexie Hunt look who it is😱😍
Sure was Shawn Kirton :)
Beau 😳😩

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