Babies Taste Sour Foods For The First Time

Babies Taste Sour Foods For The First Time via America's Funniest Home Videos
Babies Taste Sour Foods For The First Time
Published on 11/24/2017
Babies Taste Sour Foods For The First Time
via America's Funniest Home Videos


I was honestly expecting every 1/3 comments to be someone claiming child abuse. We are getting better internet
Brace yourself. Child abuse comments are coming😐😑
babies looking back at mom like, HOW CAN U GIVE ME THIS TO TASTE? LOL!
I let my little bro to taste a lemon and he had the same reaction except he wanted more and loved it ^^
LOVE that feeling... Watching this makes my mouth water...
I'm incredibly shocked at the fact that there are so few "CHILD ABUSE ALERT CHILD ABUSE ALERT" comments. "THE ACID IS BURNING HIS ESOPHAGUS OMG!"
Let's keep it that way.
Why have you abandoned me mother . 0:29
While watching this I found myself squinting my eyes too 😂😂.
I worked at a Thai restaurant and a couple came in with their 8 month old son. His mom let him taste the curry she ordered. It was our spiciest curry. His reaction was priceless. We ended up bringing a small bowl of the curry sauce because he wanted more (but instead of a 5 star spice, we gave him a 3 star spice). He handled it very well.
Child Abuse.......
Just kidding just fucking with all the people's comments about them expecting someone posting about child abuse 😂
My son kept putting the lemon back in for more everytime making same face lol.
This is still my reaction... >_>
I fed my older sister a cracker with Wasabi just piled on and told her it was pestashio pudding...
Here come the comments stating that child abuse comments are about to be commented.....
I think every parent I know has done this with their babies! Hilarious!
That last one! ! ! 😂🍋
Here comes the social service and child abuse comments.
My big brother made me eat a jalapeño when I was little. ._..
Why does this make my mouth water
Am i the only one actually just looking thru comments to find soneone trying to call this video child abuse. Lol yep sadly this is hour as i work lol
And i was the weird baby who actually liked sour food..
Bretta Schutt I don't know why but this made think of Kazen.
644,000 of these views are me watching the last kid gag
aqui viendo videos de bebes comiendo limon :´). - puta soledad :v -
One of the best foods they should get used to eatin. Instead of sipping sodas!!!
Lmfao 😂😂. My sons exact reaction in the 2nd clip
When i see babies face i also taste whats they tasting hhaha
Babies don't lie about how they feel😍lol
Hello, my daughter is in this video... How did that happened?
Honestly it's not funny if the baby looks like they are about to puke.
My baby girl never made faces. She loves tart things.
I was expecting more CPS or Child Abuse comments here, but I guess everyone here is guilty of giving sour things to their babies or other people babies (nieces and nephews) lmao.
This video makes me want to eat Warheads.
They look at their parents like "i trusted you." 😂😂
The facial reactions were so cute <3 But I am still facepalming at the "Child abuse" comments
Gave my sister a lemon when she was little. OMG! The look on her face. Priceless. Of course, she was crying and mom was a little upset. So worth the beating we got when we got home. Ahhhh! Memories.
[[1318800798260799]] 👈😍👉 BuzzFeed
👈😍👉 Oo------------------
apa kabar ? 👈😍👉 BuzzFeed
Lol every parents does this, kids always go for more
Child psychologists use this test on babies all the time to test their reactions to certain foods... No different.
Let's be real that last one was ready to throw up lol
My dad gave me wasabi when I was little and told me it was sour candy...😭
Mean parents. Poor babies.
I find it ironic that there are a lot of comments waiting for child abuse comments
Steffani Maciel coisa q poderão acontece qnd a bolachinha ficar com a Dinda 💙 kkkkk
Poor babies!
Makes my mouth water!😝 now i want a lemon🍋🍋🍋
A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.
I can't wait until my son turns one so he can try sweet/salty/sour stuff lol
This is my reaction too when i taste a lemon 😂😂
I put tobasco on my younger stepsisters ice cream and told her it was strawberry syrup! 😂😂

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