Awkward Things Your Parents Do With Technology

Awkward Things Your Parents Do With Technology
Awkward Things Your Parents Do With Technology
Published on 10/20/2017
Awkward Things Your Parents Do With Technology


I love these chocolate kisses Bol
My mom found an app that puts pretty frames on your photos so she finds her favorite photos of me on my Facebook and sends me 15 of the same exact picture with all different frames. She'll do this at least once a month
You know, I don't want to be "that person" in the thread, but my dad died when I was sixteen. I would give anything to have these awkward moments with him. Appreciate your parents in all their awkward glory, guys.
My mom doesn't know the difference between personal messaging and my wall lol
My mom doesn't go on Facebook very often, but when she does she spams the hell out of me! Binge-likes and comments on everything I've posted in the 2 weeks before lol
My dad has sent me every emoji that exists on his phone in one text before...
"Just spotted a hottie!" "Me?" Hahaha The dad's smooth af lolol xD
I just want to share that i would do anything to have my dad do those crazy things with technology with me.. He wasn't able to reach the friendster and facebook age...
I lost my dad when i was still in freshmen highschool (aug,2003).. Didn't know what to do next. He was the funniest dad I've ever met. The coolest and the most crowd pleaser in so many ways. He was my superman. Every cousin i have calls him "papa" because he loves kids so much. I would do anything to have him back. :(
People who are reading this. Please love your parents. They will not be there forever. Cherish the moments that you have with them.
My dad thought Amazon would give my computer a Virus.. :
|My mom doesn't get some of the things facebook does, that "year in review" everyone was posting my mom got mad because my daughters grandmother on her fathers side "put all pictures with her father and the baby" on her year in review. She didn't understand facebook automatically put what they wanted on it. She's still mad.
My favorite is when they sign off on comments and posts. Love, Mom
my mother always trying to shorten the words - like come to cum - WRONG mom
My mum thinks in order for your status to go on facebook you've gotta share it as well as posting it so every status she puts, she also reshares it straight after 😑😑😑😂 love her though X
"Now that she's off the air, you're all over me again." That was the funniest line of the whole video! Lol
These 'parents' are awesome - actively and humorously wanting to be a part of their child's life into adulthood? Sign me up! Not everyone gets that sort of affection. Don't take it for granted people.
My mom still calls Facebook "Bookface" and instagram "The gram thing" and she sends me emoji flowers during random conversations. and then asked if i got the flowers lol too funny
Kacie Ayala, remember when we taught mom how to google and she discovered youtube? We would come home and find her dancing in front of the laptop and watching youtube music videos. LOL!
My dad puts a flower emoji at the end of every text BUT my mom is worse, she texts me "911!!! EMERGENCY" whenever I don't answer my phone, just so i can call her back right away, no emergency. -.-
Have a reason I don't have 1 of my 3 daughters on Facebook. Also do not text. Rather pick up a phone. Not completely computer literate, but son sometimes helps me. They laugh at me because I'm having fun on Twitter & they aren't on it.. (Managed to eliminate virus by myself with a tip from a friend)
Lindsey Rodriguez-Elmoutaouakil Elizabeth Joy Rodriguez 😂😂😂😂 I love this! And I love when they do this...I'm not annoyed at all. We have the best parents lol
If I don't text my mom,,,no lie she says,"Lissa can you hear me?????!!!!!!" And I just like 😦
Ellen Mc Cullagh watch the chocolate kisses bit lol
Michelle Soriano lol that will be me with my kids
Jayne Flynn Samantha Flynn Martin Patrick Flynn Charlotte Flynn 😂
Maddy Tomlinson
Jasmyne Summerfield
Katey O'Connell
Mary Catherine Wellons Stef Smith Eric Wilkens sponsored
Anita this is mom😂 except they needed to add the 'using the microphone to compose texts' technique!
Rihab Kh Chocolate kisses 😂😂 Noura Amale Oudghiri Kawtar Hakim Oumnia El Jeddaoui
omg yesss, "be safe" "i know how to use emojis" "yolo" "she got fat" oh lord lol Samantha Wise M.r. Wise
I don't have this struggle ,you guys are awesome Lori J Matheson Emmett Moore Artemis Egloff Moore
Grace Van Barthold if sally got fb, she would make one for the cats Alice Jackson Anastasia Yan Angela Barel
Awwww, a parent's Love... Has No Boundries! LOL!
Nate Arseneault remember the time I skyped you and my grandpa flipped you off? Hahaha :,)
(*´>д<) Yeah I had to take my mom off my fb seeing as how I'm a nerd and I like anime and weird shit so posting random stuff or sharing stuff on my wall was awkward and got annoying bc she does not know how to stop commenting on my post about stuff she has no clue about or assuming bad shit based on a few words not knowing the whole thing situation especially if it had to do with a boy and also my number one pet peeve annoyance was her especially saying this all the time as a comment the word "like" agfidhdjdhj!!! there's a "like" button MOM us it damnit !!! ヽ(`Д´)ノ Oh and I couldn't stop cringing seeing her post super blurry sideways profile pics of herself talking about look at how good i look ME: Oh! is that you? i thought it was ghost my bad FUCK!!!
I wish my parents were this cool Cathy Nguyen Нина Сюй Denis Dreamwalker Jack Kim
Nadia Roukes Jeroen Roukes ik ga stuk.
Michelle Melissa haha
Mahsan :))))
Lyndau L Li Danielle Lucie Dostaly John Adriel Poblete Valle Alyssa Nicole gotta get on that dostaly email chain
Michelle Shaddon Alicia Shaddon
Alison Marie Perrino Rhonda Barrilleaux Perrino Megan Gwillim Allen Rollins Constantin Ardeleanu Cornelia Merchant
O HELL NO!!!!! Laura 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Chocolate kisses....
Jaena Osial San Miguel Yung emojis ni tita minda. Haha Tata Velasco Camae Osial Balmes Yeyen Osial-Balmes Kim Clark Osial Balmes Jhenelle Gallanosa Lao Charlyn Valdeavilla
Natália Sá Guilherme Brasiliense Felipe Klingelhofer Karol Grunewald Murilo Arcanjo
Kim Babel Lotta Limburg
family is good , never forget this
Ros Lyne Andreana Nakad
Rosie Diana Alison I aspire to be like this!

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