Awkward Moments When You Meet The Parents

Awkward Moments When You Meet The Parents
Awkward Moments When You Meet The Parents
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Published on 12/11/2017
Awkward Moments When You Meet The Parents


'Oh i'm Jewish' *awkward silence*
you know times have changed when they're showing you family photos on their phone and not through a photo album
Lucky my parents are nothing like this.... Cause they're dead, I had to raise myself since I was 2, at the age of 2 1/2 I got my first job as a pilot. At that time anyone could've been pilot, but everything change when the fire nation attack
the father was in Project X :D
I got asked to see my drivers license because she didn't believe I was over 18
Typical white people parents
the forced friendliness, I just can't. It is so painful because I am not that enthusiastic and cheerful. Just can't
Beelog, its Blog made me laugh, always happens.
Devan Antram Audre Romant Alyson Weaver
Simone White
Vivian Mares
Marcos Renderos Aristides Gonzalez Thomas
DeAnna Brown
Jorge Ortiz be thankful for my emotionless parents.
Samantha Marie
Patrick White photos hahahah
Mateusz Zajchowski. 1:57
Gabriel Martins
Lan Nguyen
Germán Castelazo Ramírez
Jason Edmunds
😂😂😂😂😂 'Ana MariaPerez
Bec Tennant me when I meet your parents 👅
Vicky BaudinJessica Parlemont Valerie Cedoit this was funny lol
José Santiago
Joy Lynne Bhaha how about christmas? im russian! haha
Jessica Dad showing off... lmaooo taht would be get into my razor lemme take you for a ride ... dying.
Mitch McGrath this has happened to me too many times
Syed Zarar
Kelly Barber right meowTorah Lee Sydney Gelineau
Justina Schwartz
Marl Pano
Lucas Schaff <3 our families
Jessica Bissontz Katya Etemadieh Nikki Jasmine Garcia Camille Angeli Santos
1:00 - 1:17 is me
Luke Bonenclark Oh I'm Jewish....... hahaha
"25? Clock's ticking!"
Angel Perez Bandola Maria Lourdes Bandola
career talk is the worst or when they bring up religion or when your family act weird like when did we all turn into detectives?
Jowan Sleep Harrington Jacket. Be mine Max.
LMAO Morning ritual! LIke like like Steven Werner
Hannah Jahnke
Luis Gomez
Matt Shelton
Nate Smith hahahahaha!
Gareth Rhodes
Jacob Jangsuk Seo oh wow...
Ethan Griffith
Ben Adlington
Erna Elva Bejarano
Josiah L. Lee
Alyssa Ridgway This is exactly how i felt when you came over for dinner that one time haha

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