Awkward Family Photos: Clowns To Fuel Your Nightmares

Awkward Family Photos: Clowns To Fuel Your Nightmares
Awkward Family Photos: Clowns To Fuel Your Nightmares
Published on 11/24/2017
Awkward Family Photos: Clowns To Fuel Your Nightmares


Why 👏🏻 would 👏🏻 you 👏🏻 post 👏🏻 this 👏🏻 right 👏🏻 before 👏🏻 bed 👏🏻
Funny story,
Once we went with our church to a Halloween kinda thing for the teens. Clowns started chasing us, and we all ran back to the car. One clown was on a unicycle and circling the car, I was banging on the door but they kept thinking I was a clown, so I sat on the ground and cried until someone unlocked the door...
I'm afraid of clowns. Sadly when I went to my aunt's house her whole house was filled with clowns. From paintings, statues, figures, toys, even the screensaver had clowns.
The guest bedroom had the most clown stuff. I would grab my blankets and pillows to sleep in the kitchen.
Everything looked terrifying in the dark. I was a little kid had to close my eyes just to use the restroom because it was also full of clowns. Total nightmare......
Wow thanks satan
i HATE clowns! now im gnna have nightmares....thanks alot buzzfeed
Clowns make me shudder with fear.
I hate clowns! ..Creepy!.
Watch This & You'll See Why I Don't Like Clowns !
I hate you right now buzzfeed
This is why i hate clowns. 😭😭
I'll punch your clown nuts if u get near me with ur funny business. P.s. who the hell thinks.. "Hey lets take a family photo... But lets be clowns!"
I really don't get why are people afraid of clowns. I mean, their job is to make us laugh, to make us happy. People are only scared of them because of scary movies like "It" (Was that the name?) And because some clowns seem to need makeup lessons cuz their makeup looks horrible. But despite that, they will not do any harm, they're just there to make you happy. I gotta say I love clowns :3
I just realized how annoying clowns are after I watched this vid.
Clowns don't scare me i just don't like them. They are just creepy. Why would anyone ever hire a clown for a kids party?!?!
😱 a bunch of john gacey wannabes.. Clowns are scary 😦😯😯😯
Why why why did I watch this!
Why did I watch this.
For some reason when I was 3 years old I watched the movie "It". Let's just say I've never liked clowns! 😨😨😨
Pretty sure this video just made me hate clowns.
this is why I have trust issues with fucking clowns !!! EWWWWWW Miles Wright and no I did not watch this
This video is not okay.
When all of these clowns have better eyebrows than I've ever had😅
I tried watching & just can't ! Omg! 😰😰 that party animal! 😱😭😭 lol
On the nope train to fuck this shit ville
wait i take those xxxx's back!!
Dana Marie oh my god the raggity Anne 😳😳 bet you didn't know I took a clown class in 4th grade. this is totally doable - tack it on to our list hahahha
Holy clown terror!
He totally would !!
One of the main reasons why I am shitly scared of clowns
Hell in 1 minute and 13 seconds.
The hell???????? The dolly one was uugh
FUCK! Could only watch 2 :/
Why would someone did that to their kids?
I love clowns.
This is the drunk beauty guru tryna do makeup
And that's a whole bag of nopes.
I hate clowns 😖
This is terrifying
no wander our generation hates clowns! O.O (I personally love clowns though lol:-)
Nope nope nope!!!!!!
They all float down here Georgie
This is Creepyyyyyyyyy.
I hate clowns so much they scare the crap out of me
Clowns aren't even scary.
I thought of clowns as a villain
God I hate clowns 😱😱
I hate clowns. They have always given me the creeps
so was John Wayne gacey if hope I spelled his name right

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