Awesome Rebar Tie Gun!

Awesome Rebar Tie Gun!
Awesome Rebar Tie Gun!
gun rebar awesome tie
Published on 10/22/2017
Awesome Rebar Tie Gun!


in africa we use this one
Very old news!!
just dont let a cop in a gun free Zone in America see you with one...he WILL shoot you dead
I can tie faster than that
where can we buy this rebar tie gun?
That's a well handy bit of kit
We have a couple of these. There Awesome
Wat denk je daar van
Nekem cipőbekötő gépem van.
where can we buy this rebar tie gun?
where can buy that rebar tie gun
So much easier
Sa attache sur un mechant temps
Tem sempre um brazuca... Lol
bu nedi
Ok ah.....
How mach...
Malade... J'en veux un...pis deux autres de sper. !!!;)
Den var sku smart hvor kober man den
They go good
Azt a hídrobbantó😵
I to będzie trzymać?
A la mierda Gerardi!!!
Ok ah
soek 1 asb
Moi qui es pas bon ça broche!!!
ez komoly
Pomalé ☺
Of course they come out with something like this now Chris Brady!!
pabili ka bcp para sa project natin.
өө алаад хаясан. ийм юмтай бол армотурын ажил ч эрчтэй явах юм байнада.
jattache plus vite que sa...pis sa attache pas plus gros que de la 10mm cest nous les machines les gars!
Good for lazy
They are shit. Keep breaking down. Can't beat good old-fashioned knips.
J'espère.... On dirait un Bosch, a la couleur
Christian Hodak , they have this gun
Lietuvoje jau pries 10 metu naudojom tik dabar jie greitesni ir mazesni😊
Where was this back in the day got to have one
Awesome tool
Must have this!!!
hello ez már nem semmi
Pato des brauchen wir auch in da Firma!

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