Aventador launching at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack

Aventador launching at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack
Aventador launching at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack
Published on 10/21/2017
Aventador launching at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack


That wasn't too impressive
No hating at all but that was a pretty weak launch
Not even a fast start really, stupid laggy launch control
I got really excited. Then he took off.......
DAT power loss tho....
Damn that high altitude turned that car into a TURD.
Anyone see the video of the twin turbo Ford gt? That's How to freakin launch
I've launched my jeep Cherokee harder than this....
There's 7k feet for ya. It's hard to make power here. Literally 25-32% power loss from sea level.
Fuck that looked slow
The ford gt did way better
I've seen rukus launch harder.
That was surprisingly weak
AHHAHAHahhaha.. that was pathetic.
The funniest part about this post is all these tools talking shit that more than likely couldn't afford 1/4th the price tag. :-)
Professional cameras everywhere and we get the video that was taken by a potato. Don't waste our time.
1320... Why would you post such a weak ass launch?
Slow or the dude cant drive
Lol my CRV pulls off better than that...
What a shitty launch lol
I didn't get it.. that was about the slowest launch in the world..!!
Shifting at 6 when he should shift at 8 lmao he's not even trying.
That bogged sounded awful lol
Wow lol a civic lunch better than that lol
That shit was weak. I've seen grand mas launch their hover round harder then that
someones scared of a car hahaha
Not impressed
Gets beat by an rs6 lol. I'll never look at this car the same. Haha.
I want this
Better be hitting up ppir too hahahaha
Jordan Vernon lmao I thought I seen someone running beside the car with a video camera
Dammnnnnn that was weak as fuck
Why pikes peak is a real challenge.
The driver backed off the gas after the initial launch. No way an aventador has that much lag after the launch
Davillo de Miranda Brandon Urmston
Talk bout it woo
Why is that these lambos can never launch!? I have yet to see one that impresses me
Mark watch this weak start. I think our pilot has a better start.lol
My vw r32 launches harder than that
Jacob Denemark
Driver mod!
Weak launch
John Andrew
Junk it
Rigwan Hussain that's a couple of miles from where I live

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