Australians Taste Test American Snacks

Australians Taste Test American Snacks
Australians Taste Test American Snacks
Published on 11/19/2017
Australians Taste Test American Snacks


What kind of person does not love Hot Cheetos... You eat the fire or burn in hell
i can eat a whole bag of flamin' hot in one sitting ^-^
Hot cheetos are the shit. They do stain your hands like crazy though. And why pick cheese in a can and slim jims? We have far better junk food than that
Cool ranch because Cowboys do cool stuff on ranches? 😂
They should have had them try chicken and bisket crackers with the easy cheese!
"You guys make chips as big as your head.. Of course you do cause it's America!" 😂
Our ingredients are absolutely appalling. That's why the "fluorescent colors" are weird to people in other countries. America has the lowest standards in just about everything.
"it's like popping a zit" ruined easy cheese for me
How can They not like Hot Chettos o;
"The bags are as big as your heads." Don't worry, bro! It's mostly air.
"America's trying to make food that will outlast humans...." Other countries realize how bad we are 😂
The guy booking his flight to America is welcomed to stay on my "couch."
I still put hot sauce on my hot cheetos. They are not even that HOT!!
Wanna know why you don't have it in AU? Because nearly every ingredient in each product shown in the video is banned in Australia.
It's ironic when it's fat people saying "this is why America is fat". Don't blame the food, seriously nothing is that bad for you if you just eat it in portions. I eat all of that crap and I'm definitely very thin, because I actually exercise. I hate when people blame the food. No ones forcing people to eat it and no is not allowing you to workout lol.
"Right now I'm booking a one way air fair to United States" 😂
"America is trying to make things that out last humans." ahahah
The bags of chips maybe big, but half of it is air.
Hot Cheetos are hot? Try some takis🔥
yes, please book a one-way airfare to the United States
...specifically to my apartment
Easy cheese is disgusting, I'm American and I still can't grasp the concept of cheese in a can or mechanically separated meat. o.o
I live in Australia and will be in America next week. Tell me what I should try. What's your favourite? I am going to try Ranch Doritos :)
"It's like popping a zit!" Lmao so gross!
"Right now I am booking a one-way airfare to the United States" Finally we're doing something right.
I envy these people. To not know what junk food tastes like.
3 year olds eat flamming hot Cheetos
I'd love to see their reaction to Takis.
Our snacks are trying to outlast humans and our snacks have questionable ingredients. Way to go America!
.....Holy crap....what would they think about TAKIS?
Better than a veggimite sandwich!!! American food rocks
I'm actually visiting Australia right now from the U.S. You know what else they don't have? Cinnamon rolls, breakfast tacos, PB&J, and s'mores. I've been introducing my friends here to all of them. They must know life.!
book a one way ticket you can come stay here. :) with me. lol
I'm pretty certain the things we put in our "snack" food are not legal in countries like Australia, that take care of their people instead of their corporations...
Nobody in America has eaten cheese whizz since the goofy movie
How could you not like hot Cheetos!!??
It kinda feels weird to see them react to snacks that I could it everyday lol
Who the hell still eats Slim Jims and Easy Cheese... find these people better snacks to try.
Wat hot cheetos are bomb not even that hot..i dont eat easy cheese yuck!
Lol I think hot fries are hotter than flamin hot Cheetos
Ermahgawd. No hot cheetos in Australia! And they got big fucking spiders. I'm out.
I will eat an entire bag of flaming hot cheetos in one sitting 😶
Hot Cheetos with hot mexican sauce and lemon juice!! Mmh girl on point!!!
I can't eat just one Hot Cheetos..the only way to ease the pain is to KEEP EATING!!<--anyone else?
If they thought hot cheetos were spicy they should try mexican snacks lol =b
It's funny to see people's reaction to things we've grown up with and never question.
Don't book that flight here lol I'm trying to get out!
Hit like if you add Valentina or Tapatio to hot Cheetos ;D correct way to eat em!
Lost me at the hot cheetos. They're delicious and not even spicy one bit!
These are by far some of my favourite videos you guys do

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