Australian People Try Outback Steakhouse For The First Time

Australian People Try Outback Steakhouse For The First Time
Australian People Try Outback Steakhouse For The First Time
Published on 11/19/2017
Australian People Try Outback Steakhouse For The First Time


It's like Taco Bell, no one goes there for authentic mexican food.
I HATE Outback. The food is TERRIBLE!!!
I want to try Australia's food now..
"It's bloomin' ridiculous!!" Roflmao!! 😂😂😂
I love how they pronounce tomato. (Dies) Australian accents are to die for ;-;
Those two guys eating that steak are cute AF! 😍😍😍😍
This video will be the Bankruptcy Death of Outback Steak House. Lol!
They do realize it's australian THEMED, not australian food...right?
The bloomin' onion is the best. I would eat only that if it wouldn't kill me in 2 weeks.
I would love to see a video of Americans trying the food of whatever the Australian equivalent to Outback is...something that blatantly calls itself American but is in no way American tasting...
australian's are idiots. everyone knows that OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE is absolutely the greatest representation of australia since crocodile dundee
I feel like the people they get to do these videos have to be some the snobbiest people they could find.
I've never considered outback as an Australian restaurant
Ok I've been to Australia and THEIR food sucks and their meat is literally gray not brown. They act like they have great food there and they don't
But everyone thinks Outback Steakhouse is terrible. Because it's terrible.
Since when was Outback supposed to be Australian food? Its not supposed to be. Its always just been an American steakhouse with an Australian themed name and atmosphere. I usually love these types of videos but this one is just stupid. By the way, Outback tastes amazing. If you disagree, you are trying the wrong foods. I used to hate it when I was a kid but I never tried anything that was worth eating.
I love outback. I don't go there expecting to eat Australian food. I go there because it's good.
The food was probably disgusting because it wasn't eaten in the restaurant
"I'm probably going to be crucified by saying this is actually pretty good" aka, I'm only saying I hate this food so that I fit in and look cool.
Granted, Outback's food may not be great...but Aussies think Vegemite is what sense of taste do they have 😱😵😥😨😵😲😱. (With apologies to my Aussie friends)
I never knew Outback was marketed as food from Australia. I know they do the Australian theme stuff but not the food
Please have Italians try Olive Garden. So funny.
I've been waiting so long for this video.
we americans keep asking the same question...why does everything taste so sweet!
So now we know Australians are over dramatic.
Those Aussie accents though... 😍😍
They sound like a bunch of snobs. I doubt it would be well received if I went to Australia and was spewing a bunch of shit about Australian cuisine. Since I enjoy The Outback Steakhouse, I doubt I would like traditional Australian food but chances are I wouldn't do my best to offend them. Besides, I do not ever remember thinking" hey I want Australian food, let's go to Outback".
All this taught me was that this particular group of Australians are blooming rude
I've never seen adults throw such hilarious tantrums 😂
I will never be able to eat a blooming onion again. I will just picture some kind of creature bursting out of someone's stomach.
i love how they are being stereotypical about how this tastes sooo american
Has anybody ever ACTUALLY thought that the Outback Steak House menu consisted of authentic Australian food???.......if you have then sorry, but you're extremely gullible.
Oh, my... Those men though... Seriously gave me breathing problems...
Australia - the land of really attractive people.
Is it me or that guy in white top is fucking rude!
We're not feeding Australians... The food's flavor profile(s) are Cajun inspired. The theme of the restaurant is Australian. That's about it... Because again, we're feeding Americans! :)
I don't know anyone who actually thinks outback is actually Australian. I love their food but not because they pretend to be Australian, because those cheese fries are dope.
Yeah well your basketball team should try playing like Americans instead of Australians
"Didn't wanna pop over for a bit of research, no?!?" Lmao
Do Americans go to taco Bell for authentic Mexican food? No. same thing.
Lmao, I doubt anyone in america thinks this is "authentic" australian food. It's like people who think panda express is real chinese and taco bell is mexican. It's not. Lol. Also, that food is representative of shitty chain restaurants, not of real, good restaurants.
Does anyone who goes to these types of themed restaurants actually believe they are eating authentic food? And these are white Australians. Wouldn't you ask the native people to try it?
I've never had a dry steak there I love their steak haha
We went to Australia and I had the BEST prime rib of my life!!! Hogs Breath restaurant! So good we went back 2 nights later and it was just as good. Best prime rib in the world!!!
It's not even Australian food lol. It's an Australian THEMED restaurant with American food.
Haha I hope no one actually thinks Outback is Australian. It's just a bunch of bbq food in a restaurant with boomerangs and kangaroos on the wall. That said the food can be good depending which one you go to just like any chain restaurant. And I will forever order the bloomin onion 😂
I got food poisoning at Outback several years ago...never went back...blech
It's not Australian food, it's an Australian themed restaurant. It doesn't even look like the actual food they serve there in this video.
Vegemite. Enough said.

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