Asian Americans Respond To Racist Comments

Asian Americans Respond To Racist Comments
Asian Americans Respond To Racist Comments
Published on 10/19/2017
Asian Americans Respond To Racist Comments


Imagine how us Latinos feel when everyone thinks of us as soon as you say immigrant. News flash folks, unless you're Native American we are all immigrants.
"Jokes on him, I'm bad at math" - My life story
If you're uncomfortable with videos about race/ethnicity then you might be racist or are guilty of saying racist things
Americans eat pizza with their hand(s) too lol
Love that this included people of all Asian backgrounds and not just East Asians. A lot of people think "Asian" and they think China, Japan, etc, immediately disregard other Asian countries such as India, Saudi Arabia and even countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos. People need to get educated and erase the idea that insulting someone's background, culture, or identity can be passed off as a joke.
Cue all the "enough with the race baiting" white folks in 3... 2... 1...
I love all people. I wouldn't judge anyone ever because of their race. Every person is wonderful in their own way.
Aside from wishing Ashly Perez was in the video, I definitely can relate. Because I'm Filipino I once had a 'white' aunt tell me I shouldn't be proud of being Filipino or South-East Asian, and that the only good it would do is getting me scholarships for university as a 'minority'. To that aunt, I would say now ... Putang ina mo, and I can only hope you've learned that being cultured is better than being ignorant. (First generation Fil-Am, and glad to say my mother taught me Filipino and Japanese!!)
Sadly, most Americans are not well educated in the customs of other countries.
I'm Canadian, and we don't riot. That's why we love our country.
Be who you are NO ONE has the right to judge you...
Any color race or religion you should feel free to be and act like who you are...
Peace & love from NYC💕✌️
Time for all the "Stop playing the race card" Oh wait that only applies to..
The most insulting question I've got from Americans was," Do you speak English?" I just looked at them and goes " did this bitch just ask me that?" Smh
I still get annoyed when people ask, "Are you Chinese?"
Bleh. I feel like these people are just giant vaginas. I'm part asian and I've heard all the jokes and stereotypes all my life, and I always just laughed because who gives a fuck. Actual hatred for any race is stupid and hurtful, but innocuous jokes, especially from school aged kids, and random dickhead comments from people who are obviously just ignorant is nothing to get your panties this bunched up at.
God can we PLEASE stop pushing the "everyone who isn't a white male is a victim" mentality? It's bullshit, and its turning everyone into pussies. Nut up, cupcakes.
Racism is alive and well.
I don't understand why it's double barrelled?
Asian American. African American.
No other country does that. You don't get black people in the UK saying they are African English. Or Asian Scottish.
Many people who's previous generations were from Asian or African countries are so far removed from them now.
Like 'Irish american'
At what point are you just 'american'
I fucking hate racism. EVERYONE is HUMAN, we are all the same on the inside. We all have blood, organs, hair, skin ect, who cares what you look like on the outside. I wish people would stop judging a book by its cover.
That bilingual girl is pakistani !way to go girl ♡♡♡♡♡
"jokes on you, I'm bad at math" xD best comeback
I hate that when we talk about racism, people, a lot of which are white, get defensive and say that we are attacking white people.
Videos like these are attacking racist people. NOT white people.
Anti racist is NOT anti white.
We need to have conversations about racism without people getting defensive and thinking that we are against white people, because that will get us nowhere.
I love these videos!! But why all the comments have to be like hating on white people?! Bitch stop holding ME accountable for slaves I didn't own, racist comments I didn't make, and thoughts about other races I don't have.
I like videos like this, and yes I wish they would make a video like this for all races! Even religions/beliefs/etc.
Because even though people don't always mean to hurt others, they do.
"You're black you must like grape soda"
"You're Asian you must be good at math"
"White people logic"
"You're Jewish you're greedy"
"You're Christian you are a bigot"
"You're atheist you must hate all people devoted to god"
Someone at work once asked me why I had an American name. Another moment was when another customer was asking me about a certain fruit(I work in produce). She went on to say how it's grown in some countries within Asia and that I must've known about them. I said I didn't. She then proceeded to say that my parents must know(because they must be Asian too, right?). I'm adopted. It was such an awkward conversation.
I don't think people comprehend enough that Asians are the minority group that experiences prejudice and people don't take it seriously enough. I think people just shrug it off when Asians are mistreated and that it's a "light joke" because I guess we don't have a right to be mad about it? When you think of racism, people automatically think of blacks, Native americans, or Hispanics, but never Asians, and why is that? Why is it when there's a racial issue with those specific ethnic groups, people go to war, start riots, etc., but when it's an issue about Asians, it is often ignored, for example, the unfair internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. People just ignored it and said it is for "national security". I call bullshit, it is plain old discrimination. When I first came to the U.S., I was faced with so many racist jokes, and they made me feel like I shouldn't be myself and that I should assimilate completely into a "white society". People made me feel like having dark skin for an Asian, or having an accent was the most horrible thing a person can have. People used to tell me I can't model because I'm too dark or that I didn't have blond hair/blue eyes so no one would hire me. The racism against Asian Americans is big elephant in the room in our country and I believe it deserves the same kind of respect as other racial issues of other ethnic groups.
Imagine how Africans feel in America. Most Americans think Africa is a "country" with starving and naked people living in jungles. I've never been in a jungle, never hungry ,and could afford all I wanted.
I've been asked stupid questions such as " do you have a lion?" I've never seen a lion in my entire life.
I've been asked " how come you speak English?"
I love Asians . So messed up and cruel with racist stereo types . Asian chicks are my weakness . There smart , funny , and beautiful people . I love Asian girls 😍😍👍🏻. I'm also attracted to them more than any other race .
I'm Asian! No. Not China, not Japan, not Korea, I'm Asian because I'm an Israeli. Have some respect FOR THE REST OF FUCKING ASIA
I'm Asian and I'm not offended by racist jokes.
As a part Asian-American(I'm also German and Mexican), this video made me happy as to get recognition, sad that this shit happens(to anyone) but definitely enjoyed watching and hope others did too. This will hopefully open people's minds and break stereotypes❤️
No Asians in entertainment?? What?? Explain kpop and jpop and kdrama and jdrama and bollywood movies and such. Racist people make zero sense.
At least most Asian-Americans are bilingual!
Everyone that is saying shit like "Q the white people" are racist:) don't cry racism on ur self when ur doing the same!:)
Saying "Asian American" still contributes to racism, unless the person was actually born in Asia and immigrated here. We're all Americans.
Yea, it's amazing how many people have experienced stuff like this. But yet there's a huge in denial portion that wants to "stop the race baiting" stop talking about it and it will disappear, probably one of the dumbest comments I've heard. Glad you all are putting your experiences out there, hopefully people will take it in, use it to learn & understand what's going on.
Who hates Asians?!!! They're like my favorite
It's 2015...why is racism still such an issue ? Why are people still so ignorant with racial stereotypes? Its so ridiculous! It shouldn't matter what a person's racial background/skin tone is, but sadly it still is,that needs to change!
I hate the fact the immigrants who came here in 1492 and established their foreign occupation in 1776 are the ones called "Americans" when as a native American were the only real Americans because we were here first.
Giving no fucks is the apt way to deal with racist comments.
Great video. Now close your eyes, and imagine being African-American.
If you're not Native Americans; you just like everyone else who lives here. Oh, I'm from Asia; I'm Asian. I'm not Chinese. I am Khmerican from Cambodia ✌️
Racism does not require superiority or having any kind of power over anyone... it only requires in believing one is superior to another because of race... black ppl/Asian / Indian/white are just as racist. Plenty of proof of that whenever you look.... every race has ppl who are racist.
I'm Asian American and this hits me XD
It's funny, because a lot of Asian guys I come across are racist themselves. They always look down on people like they are inferior. Double standards people, double standards...
Love these videos, buzzfeed- keep it going for other groups too! For people who are not comfortable with a 2:50 video telling the truth, imagine how uncomfortable it was for these people growing up hearing these things for years. I take comfort in knowing that every younger generation says/thinks this stuff less, and Asian Americans are more visible and standing up as well, and anyone who says this racist stuff now, passes it on to their kids, or says it amongst their friends will be someday seen as out of date and marginalized.
As far as I can think of the Penis thing is the only negative stereotype that Americans have for Asians. I'd say those guys have it pretty awesome here.
Sad part is I never heard of a title called Asian Americans till this video. And American is a American not their race
Most of the comments made to them are not racist. It is pure ignorance. Being racist is believing you are better than a race or look down on a race. Asking "can you do my math homework for me" is a belief that Asian people excel in math and although it is ignorant it is more of a compliment. Why get offended?
I'll never understand racist people
It's SO funny to me that so many people are complaining about being stereotyped; but those same people are stereotyping white people as racists.
Lol because that's not racial stereotyping at all.

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