Are Your Eating Habits Normal?

Are Your Eating Habits Normal? via BuzzFeed Blue
Are Your Eating Habits Normal?
Published on 10/20/2017
Are Your Eating Habits Normal?
via BuzzFeed Blue


Who the hell cuts spaghetti? That angers the pasta gods.
I used to be a potato.
Cutting up your spaghetti, really? Did you guys interview residents at a nursing home or something?
I dont eat. I use photosynthesis
I sometimes eat spaghetti with chopsticks.
If you cut your spaghetti like that, we can't be friends.
I'm not normal when it comes to cookies. I put 5 or 6 cookies in a cup and then I submerge them with milk and eat it out with a spoon when they're soft
Never in my life have I seen someone cut the spaghetti
It's not "are you normal"... it should be "are you average."
I bite into the string cheese. Ain't nobody got time for peeling it and eating it
Nina cuts her spaghetti because Nina doesn't like to eat half the noodle and have to cut it with her teeth. Nina doesn't like to slurp up noodles into her mouth and have spaghetti sauce flying all over the place. Who established any of these jfc pasta rules?
21% of people don't toast their bagel, I'm not alone Alia El-sayed
Normal? Who cares about being normal.
I don't trust anyone who BITES string cheese...come on! It's right in the name!
Pretty sure I'm the only one who will only eat cereal dry
Anyone who cuts up their spaghetti is a monster.
Heta Bhuta Bhoomika Tejnani Rushika Maheshwari Vishakha Shah Dhwani Mehta Ashwini Bidarahalli Komal Patil Facts conveyed in creative and smarter way!
What is normal?
Cutting spaghetti just seems so weird to me
im a band kid nothing i do is ever normal
Haha who cuts up their spaghetti????? Nita Lida
Why would you CUT SPAGHETTI
People who straight up bite cheese strings make me uncomfortable.
Who the fuck cuts their spaghetti? If you're older then 5, you need to stop. Don't want it long? Break it in half before you boil it. Problem solved.
Yes but what is classed as normal?
Niggly Wiggly Amberus Prime no
Cut spaghetti? The horror.
NO. Don't BITE string cheese. What are you? And animal?
I physically cringed at biting string cheese and cutting spaghetti. Are you people spawns of Satan???
Henrique de Andrade Gabriel Máximo
People who like soggy cereal are communist!
I eat twist the oreo, eat the icing...THEN dip the cookie in the milk. Guess I'm in the 0%??? lol
Ren Andres who the heck cuts up spaghetti lol
Does popular mean normal ?
Am i the only person that eat cereal without milk.. 😕
You don't just bite the string cheese omg
Daniela Burbano Fadi Thomas Bárbara Mayayo Check out the beginning...
Dimmy Dimm!!
hahah yeah this video gave me slight OCD with how people eat food! Abdul Ahad Kajani
i love pasta and i cut it, but mostly i twirl it or haystack it hehe
Jennifer Leigh Wozniak
No, no, no ... It has to be an equal distribution of soggy- and crunchyness!
Michelle Reyes I'm preety normal
Cj Sanchez shocker: I'm not normal. lol I like my cereal soggy 10% boiiii
Jami Ware the pasta wtf
Bryan Matamoros :) <3
Sooo... are we basic 😐
Mercy Morales Daniel Hurtado
Apparently now..

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