Are you above or below average?

Are you above or below average?
Are you above or below average?
Published on 11/23/2017
Are you above or below average?


Average bra size is 34DD?!?! holy s...
How do u fart 14 times but laugh 10? That's an automatic 14 laughs off the bat
This is interesting to compare, but just because it is "average" does not mean it is healthy. The weights for the height of both average American men and women are considered overweight.
Good God, I'd have to gain 44 pounds and get a gigantic boob job. No thanks!
"The average person farts 14 times a day" hahah well, now my laughing is above average hahaha I'm so immature :P
I'm more of a median kinda guy.
Justin Binder youre too big. And im too small. Can i gain 40 pounds now?
below average except for student loan debt and GPA! And I laugh WAY more than 10x/day
Fart out a mash potato
I'm 5'6, 120lbs. Boobs size 32B.. Wishing for them DDs lol. I watch like 0-2 hours of tv a week if any at all. I probably laugh more than 2 times a day because I am hilarious. Or just an idiot who enjoys laughing at themselves.
Marianne I found your secret stash of facts :o
let's see: b cup, 5 foot 1 inch, 150 lbs, i never counted my laughs or farts, 3.65 high school average, viginity lost at 19, no credit card or student loan debt.... feel good about it
I'm above and below I guess, 6 ft. 148 lbs. 34C, not nearly that much debt, average GPA, hardly any hours a week watching TV (cable is way too pricey for all the crap that's on so I don't have it, I watch Walking Dead at a friends house) and I laugh Way more than that a day! :)
I'm below below average.. don't really watch tv. But I do laugh more than 10x a day. But.. holy.. crap.. bra size ... 34DD?? Double D!!
Im below! 5'1 110
The averages in this video are not accurate because they count everyone who is 4'1 and everyone who is 700 pounds. A closer average of height for men is 5'11. The average weights are a little too much, average man would be 180 and average woman would be around 130. The median of the numbers in the data collected is a better representation of the average than the what the technical average is.
I don't feel as fat and small as before, besides my breast.
Valerie Toh
apparently i'm 40 lbs below average. YESS
Kristen Robinson
Matilda Quick haha detta ska föreställa den genomsnittiga personen ^^
Doesn't really take people lying into account
Jason Johnson
Michael Derr Tamara Gamow Jesus Cardoza
Well done
I'm 7 inches taller than the average American male, yet 15 pounds lighter. Holy fuck America...Stop being such a pile of fat lard.
Rockn Ross
Caitlin Singleton
I'm below
I'm below on height and weight...5' and 90 lbs.
I'm 5'4 125 pounds and thought I was bigger:/
So, to be average I need to grow two more inches and gain 60 freaking pounds,,,,Umm, no, I'm glad to be below average there...but if I did, I'm sure I'd have those big ole DD's too. lol
Hannah Yoon Hae-Lee Park
Xochitl Albarran
I guess I'm average for the most if.
Not average on height, weight or income and I laugh way more than 10 times a day. The rest is pretty much spot on
Courtney Earhart yes all in muscles :)
5'4 and 125lbs
People are becoming bigger these days. Me as a 13 year old is already 5 ft. 9. But i weight a little bit less than 195
just thicker
Below till intellect then adverage
im 6'8, 300 something lbs, penis size is not for the public, and the rest are all mostly above or earlier
i am none of those
I dont laugh or fart enough...there, two birds, one stone. lol
In 1950s maybe lol
Below. I need a boob job to catch up lol

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