Anche io voglio un prete così al mio matrimonio !

Anche io voglio un prete così al mio matrimonio !
Anche io voglio un prete così al mio matrimonio !
Published on 12/10/2017
Anche io voglio un prete così al mio matrimonio !


now i have more reasons to be happy for my decision of becoming a priest. God be praised
God gave a right person talent.
Hallelujah Song and Lyrics by Fr. Ray Kelly
We join together here today
To help two people on their way
As THE BRIDE and GROOM start their life together
And now we’ve reached their special date
We’ve come to help them celebrate
And show them how much we all love them too yea
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
As THE BRIDE is walking up the aisle
And THE GROOM looks up and gives a smile
The love that flows between them fills the church yeah
With the family and friends at her side
She really is the blushing bride
With love and pride they lead her Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
With the priest and the family who lead the prayers
We say our lines and they say theirs
I guide them through the ceremony, hoo yeah
And in this house of God above
We join their hands to show their love,
And say those most important words ‘I do’ yeah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
I love these lyrics, so wonderfully personalized for the couple. He's a great singer and a really good sport. Way to go Father!
Where does this priest say mass? I want to go ASAP. Very emotional and uplifting. The Catholic Church should have more of this man.
god has blessed this priest with a voice everyone should hear :p
what a wonderful priest with an amazing voice, i would be fighting to get married in his church bless him xxxxxx
Wow this just made me cry!
My goodness, he is wonderful! Why and when is the catholic church going to get the hint that they need more of this than making old rules that were man made stick to this world? Sing and love more....We need more to lift our hearts than "man" telling us what their rules are! The priest really moved me with his song. Its been a long time since the catholic church made me feel that.
Working for the catholic church for 23 years and never saw this great job Amen to the PRIEST AND HIS DARING MOVE! LOVED IT.
The Acoustics in the church prevented the lyrics from being clear in the video I wish I could get those lyrics. Beautifully done. Special for this couple. Beautiful voice.
He can come and sing in our church anytime! Seriously, what a lovely way to start of this couples wedding, doubt if many have had this beautiful introduction to remember their special day.
Che dire ? Semplicemente un grande, finalmente un prete al passo con i tempi.... Mi sa che sto diventando vecchio, ho le lacrime agli occhi...!!!!
Wow, just.... wow. That made me so emotional, I am touched beyond words.
Bellissima <3
What an amazing priest to do that for a loving couple! Beautiful voice and very talented and yes I agree we do need more of this in our church. It bought me to tears as well.
We need this in our churches,JOY!
Mi piacciono tutte le persone che hanno il coraggio di uscir fuori dal coro.Questo prete ci entra con tutte le scarpe. Personalizzare un matrimonio in così tale bellezza è di buon augurio per gli sposi perchè rende unica la funzione. Tutti saranno attenti a quanto di estasiante propone. :)
Bellissima voce.Arriva fino in cielo e porta pace agli Uomini di buona volonta'
IT WORTH RPEATING We need more to lift our hearts than "man" telling us what their rules are! The priest really moved me with his song. Its been a long time since the catholic church made me feel that.
Il momento del matrimonio deve essere ( almeno per un giorno) un'esplosione di gioia e di commozione . Ci sarà tempo, da subito dopo , per i pentimenti, le maledizioni ,la noia ecc. ecc. Quel prete ha augurato ,a suo modo, almeno un buon inizio!!
Not only does he have an amazing voice; he obviously has a wonderful sense of humor; and he is so cute when he grins at the couple!!!
Ive seen this before and so glad to see it again. He has one of the most beautiful voices ever!!
ilyen és hasonló élményekre való a facebook
I can watch this video a hundred times, but I always will cry.
What a beautiful tribute to the young couple. There are so many gorgeous, meaningful songs that could be sung at catholic weddings, & funerals, but the church will not allow them. Father had the key to unlock their century old rules. Way to go Father!!
Hello everyone , I would like to know if anyone happens to know where is Father Kelly's current location,thanks a lot .God Bless.
Wow my heart is pumping like crazy that was absolutely Beautiful!!!! That uplifted me to a higher level .Thank you Fr. for the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my Church !!!!
What a voise.. I Love the silly grin in the middle of the song.. He looks like he is a great guy and a funny man.. He had that bride crying so hard.. Loved this..Can't get enough..
Excelente !
I hope this couple has a very, very long and happy marriage, and if having a special blessing and "gift" at your wedding wer ethe the thing ensuring that long, happy marriage then it's a given - these two shall have that. What a beautiful voice and what a sweet priest he is! Betting many wll be lining up requesting this be the priest that marries them. God bless you all!
Ma che bravo!!quasi quasi mi risposo!! Ma dove lo trovo questo prete ? :) ))
How deeply moving - and what a voice! The compassion and love, I am speechless. He will be in high demand!
This has been going around on the net for a while, and every time it does, I have to watch it all, several times. A real classic!
se ci fossero piu preti cosi le chiese sarebbero piene di fedeli!!!
Beautiful! This on makes me cry.
Wow didn't expect that brilliant
Ma è un grandeee hahahahha
I have seen this before and love it every time I see it! If I remember correctly this was a total surprise to the Bride and Groom!
Super priest!
He is wonderful!!!!!!!
I watched it over and over it will be something to show your children later in time
It was fantastic. God bless you all
This is absolutely beautiful! Made me cry!
Such a beautiful song and an amazing priest. God Bless you Father.
wow ! wow!ça manque à nos églises!
I've seen this before and I just love it so I thought I'd post it
Way to go I never seen or heard anything like this in a Catholic Church

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