Americans Watch Thai Game Shows For The First Time

Americans Watch Thai Game Shows For The First Time
Americans Watch Thai Game Shows For The First Time
Published on 10/20/2017
Americans Watch Thai Game Shows For The First Time


Honestly, I don't know what I did to be amused before BuzzFeed.. love.
Killer Karaoke was an American TV show as well. Steve-O hosted it.
"Is that like a Tai thing, guys wearing pink." Um, no. It's a person thing. Because pink is a color. It doesn't come strictly attached to lady parts.
I dare you to make a video about Japanese game shows =))
Am Thai and I'm proud...
"She's singing just fine why are you dunking her into the water???" Lol.
They should watch korean variety shows and korean dramas
" Like how do you transform a banana tree into a microwave ? " Huh, what a great question!
Im Thai and i think these shows are stupid.
I'm asian but didn't understand their games. -_-
What's wrong with wearing pink?
The blonde girl" I don't think kids should be on gameshows they should be drawing crayons". Drawing crayons???? Wow either I misunderstood listening to her 3 times or she really is a "blonde"
My mom was just watching that karaoke episode the other day...
I'm Thai and I've never seen these shows before lol!
I dislike how rude they sound when they talk about foreign shows. These shows are definitely better than most American shows....
Hey guys, open mind! Watch out Thai games clearly then decide ok? It's the same as others that some feel stupid but some just for fun. Just like yours..
BuzzFeed, you should have people watch Korean Variety Shows! They're so funny! :) Just a thought. My favorite would be Running Man.
I'm thai.. And I don't even watch that karaoke game, it's too sickly so Let alone the other 2.. Coz I don't watch tv. much..
I prefer to spend my time playing with my kids and Facebook!! Lol..
It's kind of like fear factor!
im proud to be thai !!
I have no understanding on what any of these game shows were actually about
Hahahahah now their making the fat kid push to further accelerate his back painnnHAHAHA i love that comment loll watch all the wayy Sung H K Han
Ummmm I'm Thai and I've never watched this before..these shows are not the famous one :(
I'll do it for money ^_^
ฮาโหลลล แอมฟาย แต้งกิ้ว เลิ้ฟยู้ ซี ยู อะเกน ทูมอโร่ กุดบ๊ายยยย
I need to watch a Thai gameshow. It sounds better than a Japanese gameshow.
What does Chinese music opening has to do with Thailand?
I love watching Japanese game shows instead (:
You should try Korean variety shows they are hell awesome like *running man*
I'm half Thai
Conclusion, there shit, end of!!!
I love watching Korean variety shows, dramas, movies and I love Kpop. Also Taiwanese dramas. So I think I'll be able to watch Thai shows.
can i tell you this, I am thai but these game show are just using other show idea into it like the first karaoke one it similar to the the foreign show too like the show called "don't stop singing" and also the the very last one it a manipulate of a japanese show too
but with the science and kids that like for kids to learn and all but i never really watch it but i know it not as much as educated show , like a regular show
but i have to say that as I thai person, i never really fancy thai game show much because it like another game show that happen in other country too but thailand use the way to maniple to look similar to other country for example janpanese game show
ok just saying really
What about Japanese game shows, they're hilarious! >.<
Well we had the karaoke show here in America that's nothing new it was called Killer Karaoke and it was hosted by Steve-O. Then another guy took over.
I watch Thai Lakorns sometimes. But I love Korean and Taiwanese shows more
This must be newer. I didn't see these show when I visited my family in 2012.
About time the Thais get some love!
Same reactions as those Thai who watch for the first time, me either. Lol
Please make a vid over Japanese game shows. It'll be intense!!!
Why don't we have some of these?! Lol
Wow.... Now I want to see a reaction from Americans who watch Korean Shows like Running Man, We got married, star king etc.pp x'D uwah that would be great :D
"I don't think you can get American kids to do this." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Didn't America have this too? called Killer Karaoke
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Wtf Thai people

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