Americans Watch K-Dramas For The First Time

Americans Watch K-Dramas For The First Time
Americans Watch K-Dramas For The First Time
Published on 12/11/2017
Americans Watch K-Dramas For The First Time


boys over flowers! <3 my favorite!
Did they just have them watch only one episode? Because I don't know if you'll get the real feel for them if you only watch on episode~
My love from another star should've been here.
Where's the Lee Min Ho scene at? 😍
I love boys over flowers but I like k dramas more better then the teen dramas here United state because they don't sex and show love instead
omg!!! F4! coffee prince!! what about to the beautiful you? or playful kiss? or kpop extreme survival? or fated to you?
i see 3 views on a buzzfeed video...i feel like im in some honorary club.
Heirs and Secret Garden for K Newbies
Love love love K-Dramas!!!
They need to watch Korean horror movies, that'll fuck em up.
They should have totally shown The Master's Sun the handsome cruel greedy business hunk that falls in love with a super adorable woman who can see ghosts ugh now we have to re-watch it
Yadira Barron
Omg I'm sooo happy you made this, I absolutely love K-dramas! You should give Playful Kiss and To the Beautiful You a try!
I watched coffee prince and BOF.. And I really liked them
"I WOULD JUST KILL FOR THAT HAIR. Constantly pushed by the wind, yet there's no wind, but it always looks like..." HAHA RIGHT. YES. K-drama hair - always on point.
K-drama is the ish nit I swear boys over flowers is my all time watched over 20 times favorite every one shud watch that lol
Boy over flowers. I recommend the Japanese ver instead tbh. Hana yori dango :)
K-Dramas! THE BEST! ! Omg!
You have to watch more than one episode because you need some time to get this k-drama feeling! But it's awesome that you guys made this :D BuzzFeed you guys rock!
They should watch Running Man & infinity Challenge!
You should watch filipino dramas...they're as dumb and as lame and the plots are recycled. Omg you cant contemplate how dumb those shows are..
let them watch one season of any k-drama then make a real review of their 'first time'..we'll wait for that BuzzFeed Video!
K-dramas are the best :p
They didn't watch any of the real good shows like You who came from stars, any comedy, or Park Shin Hye's.. seriously guys and they should watch more than 1 episode to know how cool kdrama is!
The should be watching "school 2013" talk about bromance <3
Ohh come on buzzfeed! There are far better dramas they should've tried! 😝😝
Pfft...newbs. I watch a drama at least every other day! Variety shows too. Am I addicted? Yes...slightly. Ok, very much so! But hey, they are alllllll awesome! 👏😁
Ssnsory Couple.MUST WATCH!!!
The only k drama I've seen is "my lovely samsoon".
Am I the only one who likes the prime minister and I? No? Okay....
Omg....korean dramas...the trend has gotten too strong. Its so annoying. .
Secret Garden! So addicting!
omg they should do Americans react to Korean Variety RUNNING MAN
They should watch the whole BOF
They perfectly summed up Korean and Japanese dramas. They're so bad and cheesey but you just keep coming back.
"'This is so dumb,' as I'm so riveted." is the epitome of k-drama addictions omg.
Coffee prince is a must as a first kdrama but boys over flowers...nope wouldn't recommend.
I was totally one of those people who were like wow these k-dramas are super dorky and lameeee! I watched my first Korean drama which was actually "boys over flowers" and after the first episode I was completely HOOKED! Like badly! Now I've watched 16 K-Dramas so far! I'm obsessed with them!
•Boys Over Flowers ✔️
•The Great Doctor/ Faith✔️
•The Heirs✔️
•Playful Kiss✔️
•Moon Embracing The Sun✔️
•Gu Family Book✔️
•Personal Taste✔️
•City Hunter ✔️
•The Great Queen of Seondeok ✔️
•The Princess's Man ✔️
• My Love From Another Star ✔️
• Dream High✔️
• Shine Or Go Crazy ✔️
• Pinocchio ✔️
• Sungkyunkwan Scandal ✔️
• Ja Myung Ya ✔️
I was a total Lee-Min Ho obsessed fan! Now I'm in love with Kim Soo-Hyun ❤️
you guys should have reacted to more recent dramas... -.-"
I watch these all the time ~ I should have been on this show ~ These are such good choices ~ I could name a few more then should have made them watch:
They should have watched City Hunter!
Princess Hours is the drama that really got me hooked on K-dramas. I think it takes a few episodes of a drama before you can get really into them - so if they only watched the first episode they're missing out
Why not here 'You Who came from the Stars' and Secret Garden? :'( these K-dramas are very popular too.... pls but with different persons
boys over flowers <3
Birth of a Beauty is a good one! :)
I have never liked anything so fast
Kdramas are ADDICTING. Once you start, you will continue on until the early hours in the morning.
ㅠㅅㅠ no turning back bruh
Yes. This was me once. My advice to them is to get out while you can. Before it's too late...before you become enslaved. ....Run...or be ruined. Like I was.

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