Americans Watch Cricket For The First Time

Americans Watch Cricket For The First Time
Americans Watch Cricket For The First Time
Published on 12/10/2017
Americans Watch Cricket For The First Time


ptv sports :P
I don't even understand cricket and I'm British.
So Americans are considered stupid because cricket isn't a part of our culture?
"he's definitely not called an umpire I know that".... lol
Its Simple:
50 over game is called 'A one day'
5 days match is called a 'Test match'
20 over match i called 'A 20/20 match'
Each team has 11 players.
The team that wins the toss decides either to bat or ball.
If you hit a home run (clears the boundary) its 6 runs.
If it clears the boundary after it hits the ground its 4 runs.
A single over is of 6 balls, you each bowler can bowl at least 10 overs ( so if you have 5 bowlers each one gets to bowl 10, if you 6 bowlers some get to bowl 8 some 9), it all depends upon which bowler gets hit for least amount of runs.
The batsmen gets out (strike in baseball) if the bowler hits the wicket while bowling after the active batsman (the one he is bowling to, miss the ball) . You can also out a bats man by catching the ball after it gets hits by batsman bat or if it gets hit by the pad on his legs provided its just before the wicket). You need to get 10 players out and then its your turn. All you have to do is chase the runs down in 50 , 20 overs.
Thats about it. (Indian, Pakistani and any other cricket loving fans can add info to this)
PTV Sports!! :o
Misbah, PTV Sports <3
I hope that somebody explained the game to everyone after this video was made! Cricket is one of the most basic games with very few rules (compared to other sports).
There's no real crickets in it :'(
Cricket is where Americans BADLY stole Baseball from, just like American Football with Rugby
Cricket is really fun tbh.
The stick things behind the batter is called the wicket. If the ball hits the wicket, it's an out.
Those borders at the end of the field are the things which help the team score. If the ball bounces towards the border, the team gets 4 points, and if it reaches there without bouncing, the team gets 6 points.
The batters also run. They run to the place where their team mate was standing, and have to get there before the ball hits the wicket or it's an out. The batters can make 3 runs in total. 1 run, 1 point, 2 runs, 2 points, 3 runs, 3 points.
Also, if the other team catches the ball while it was in the air, and didn't bounce on the ground already, it's an out.
not playing cricket is different thing but not knowing what the hack cricket .is just ..-_-..seriously ......
This is exactly how i reacted the first time i watched baseball and American football. i was like why are there so many timeouts in football? why dont they throw the ball behind when passing to a player like they do in rugby? why are Americans obsessed with these games. F**k it, im going back to watching football/soccer
Glad that Americans don't know PTV sports is a Pakistani sports channel. It would have been terrorising watching cricket, otherwise
Cricket is our passion :) Buzzfeed
Americans watch 'ptv sports' for first time :-)
I think it's funny how the foreigners are hating on the Americans. Cricket is not in our culture. Unless we have traveled abroad or know someone in which cricket is in their culture, most of us don't know or even care to know about it. The people making fun of the Americans are ignorant to think we'd understand it. Thank you Mark Truthteller Jabari for using a perfect comparison.
Come on!! It's such a popular sport. Americans live in their own bubble and think the world starts on the east coast and ends on the west..
Keep in mind all the people asked to be apart of this video or volunteered either work at Buzzfeed or are very close to their Building in New York. Almost every video is within a certain area of New York. Not all Americans should be generalized by a small section of New York. I'm from Texas and sometimes when I watch these videos I too think of how stupid some of them are, but that's not every American, and plus it's obvious some of them exaggerate for the sake of the video.
Well of course they don't like it if you don't explain it to them.
I'm American and I love playing Cricket! Of course I didn't play it in America...I did it during my years abroad.
So let me get this straight. Most of you non Americans who say that we are dumb because we don't know or understand the way cricket is played because we don't have that game here in the states. But we don't call you dumb for not knowing our games we play here. So be careful what you say about us Americans we are all the same as you just living in different cultures.
Exaggerated & height of stupidity
I'm as confused as them with cricket and I'm Australian
Did you guys feature the India pakistan match to rub salt in our wounds? 😭😔
Hm Pakistani or hmari choti choti Khushiyan :3
#PTVsports #ShahidAfridi ... :D :')
americans do most of the things first time... don't they have a life???
I can't even go to that point where i never knew about cricket. I mean i believe that I knew what cricket was since i was born lol
Anyway cricket is the 2nd most popular sport in the world
I think buzzfeed is laughing at our stupid arguments
Why are Americans stupid because they don't understand a sport that's not widely recognized or televised in America? 😒
I guess I will be a dumb AMERICAN. Lol
Buzzfeed has some pretty uncultured employees
Aww can relate, exactly my sentiments when i first stumbled upon Baseball, a truly global game played in one country.
lol maybe they shoud expain the rules in the end? Now they just look dumb when there really is no shame like they've never watched cricket.
When I was in high school, one of my teachers took her classes outside to teach us about cricket. It was definitely a learning experience, and I'm glad that I was able to identify the things in this video. I will say though, I don't plan on playing cricket just because I can see myself getting hurt constantly. Lol
Typical American Behaviour..stupidity prevails;
I do feel the same during Super Bowl :P #Cricketfan
OMG as an Aussie in the US I am so glad I do not have to be subjected to cricket matches or testaments every year. It's about as interesting as watching golf. Then again even after 23 years here my eyes glaze over and I go to my happy place if I am forced to watch US football.
As for the people hating on americans for not knowing Cricket I would challenge you to tell me how football works. Thanks
West Indies!!
OMG PTV Sports tu cha gaya
I live in Britain and think Cricket is boring.
hahahahahhahaha.... cowboys.... buhahahhahaha
"I now less now about cricket than I knew before we watched" "Where are they trying to get the ball? It feels like it could go anywhere" "There's a cowboy on the field" Hahahaha kan vi SNÄLLA kolla på cricket å bara garva nån gång Svante ?!?! 😂😂😂 bästa kommentaren här nere också: I don't even understand cricket and I'm brittish ^^
Cowboy's lol
Americans should watch rugby next 😬
Its very true
Okay... so apparently we have cowboys in cricket now...
Honestly, they're not acessories! They're protective gear - if you have watched any cricket these past few years you would know that cricket is dangerous

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