Americans Watch Country Music Videos For The First Time

Americans Watch Country Music Videos For The First Time
Americans Watch Country Music Videos For The First Time
Published on 12/10/2017
Americans Watch Country Music Videos For The First Time


"Alot of drunk white people singing about barbecue sauce" XD I laughed way harder than I shouldve
you guys shoudlve chosen real country songs
This is not true country music. Why not listen to Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, George Strait, Charlie Daniels, etc.
This was all modern Pop Country, should've used real 100% Country
That is NOT real country music! Where's the Waylon Jennings ...Hank Williams ...Reba.....Dolly....George Strait and George Jones...Johnny Cash...Brooks & Dunn....Alan Jackson!!!!
"People from LA watch pop country music "
Half of those weren't even country. They were pop country
" I really hate it but when I'm drunk it's not such a bad idea" lmao!!!
So they pick some of the crappiest new country out right now. Sigh.
They should've showed Darius Rucker because of the "white people" comments haha
How about REAL country music.....not the country wanna be rappers. Listen to some george, waylon, hank and then give your opinion. Or texas country; )
Um, stop with the whole 'Americans' thing.... people who listen to country music are typically American. Be honest, say Californians or whatever.
Half of this shit isn't even country. It's pop music claiming to be country.
They put one of the 5th best country music on. What about Jason Aldean, Waylon Jennigs, george strait, kenney, Brad Paisley, Hank Williams, Merle, I can go on.
This is new country. Music always has and always will evolve and change that's life nothing stays the same. I love country new and old 😊
This video really pissed me off! This isn't a real representation of country music. Country music is not honkey tonks and hicks like they think is is. It's about actual real stuff. I hate when people stereo type that music. It's way better than all that rap shit where everyone gets shot and they use the f word as every other word, that to me is not music. Sorry buzzfeed but you guys should open your minds instead of your mouths.
FGL is a horrible example of country music
Big difference between country music and pop country music
Lol lets watch all the rednecks and country folk get but hurt lmaoooo
Love me some Florida Georgia Line!!
Fuck country music
This title just pissed me off. Americans watch country music what are the people who listen to country music regularly??
This is moderately infuriating. This is not country. Aaron Watson currently has the number one country album… Go listen to some Aaron Watson will change your life!
I see alot of comments saying "this isn't country. Where's the 'insert country musician here'" it's like saying "this new rap isn't rap. Where's the run dmc or nwa or grandmaster flash? Music simply is evolving.
Let's be fair, those are pop/country. Good jams, but that's not how you start a beginner to country music
This pissed me off.
Way to use the worst versions of "country"
Sam Hunt and Florida Georgia Line aren't "country" .. George Strait , Alan Jackson, Hank, and Johnny Cash.. That's country.. 😌 (I like them but not country)
"I might have to add this to my iTunes" oh Quinta! I love you boo!😍
That Is top 40 bull shit lol. That not Country music. Texas Country is the best are some
Seriously THESE are the songs u guys picked?! I thought there would at least be some George Strait, Garth Brooks or Alan Jackson. Smh try again!!!!
Here we go again with the "this is not country music crowd" and "listen to willy and Waylon"
It's 2015 music evolves like everything else. Most stuff on the radio is garbage but the only reason it's still around is cause y'all still buy their albums and go their concerts.
Listen to Brantley Gilbert, justin moore, Eric church, and Easton Corbin. they are about as non pop as it gets.
But please stop hating on country music and living in the 70's.
OMG everyone saying they didn't use "real" country songs blah blah blah.. Just shut up already!! I've been listening to country music since I was a kid growing up in the 90s and grew up on George, Alan, Garth, Trace, brooks & Dunn, Shania, Reba, John Michael Montgomery.. Etc.. Music changes & FGL is a newer version of what country music has become.I'm so sick of people complaining over this..
Now this one is stupid. If people didn't know country music Taylor swift would of never got big. That's where she got started.
Hmmm what about Waylon Jennings? George strait? Hank Williams sr and jr? Haggard? Patsy Cline? Miranda Lambert? So many more.. Some classics and GOOD REAL country music.
Lol at all these people saying this isn't country music. Uhhh, yes it is? It may not be TRADITIONAL country music, but it's where the genre is at right now. Rock isn't anything like it used to be, Christian music is, rap isn't, etc. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it isn't TECHNICALLY country.
Seems like hip hop did alot before it was cool and copied.... Score.
Tune in next time on Dragon Buzz Feed
Seriously they haven't heard country music? America is built on country music! Have them listen to garth brooks and Chris ledoux
Didnt country music originate from america? Like dafuq? They should have called it city people listen to country music.
They should of played real country music like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn, Martina McBride, Alison Krauss and Reba.
Wouldn't the better title of this video be "Non-Country people listen to country music" not 'Americans listen...'
"Americans" please. This is terrible. So anyone who doesn't listen to country music isn't American? Pretty sure the most patriotic people listen to country music.
I wouldn't say these guys watched COUNTRY music videos for the first time... these are pop songs disguised as country songs.
"That voice, it's like nails on a chalk board" lmao
Now get country people to listen to crap, I mean rap.
Should have given them some Johnny Cash!
This isn't country though
the most played song on the jukeboxes is a country song by Patsy Cline called Crazy-written by Willie Nelson-quit listening to the crap out there today which isn't true country like Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and a lot of other great stars. The stuff you talk about is junk.
Not even country music. They should've listen to some actual good country music and not that horrible rap crap.
That is not country music. At all. Wtf. Like this makes me angry.
Well that is because it isn't country anymore is this BRO country and C-RAP

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