Americans Watch Anime For The First Time

Americans Watch Anime For The First Time
Americans Watch Anime For The First Time
Published on 10/23/2017
Americans Watch Anime For The First Time


They really should have tried some other animes
Did that girl really call the cossal titan a fucking robot and say titans might be friendly x3
"Americans Watch Anime For The First Time" Who hasn't seen seen Anime? Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Inuyasha, Naruto, Bleach it's all over American TV :D :D :D
Wait that guy who said dragon ball z...has NOT watched anime for the first time..then how would he know DBZ? lolol
The problem is that you only showed one genre, there's anime for every taste, from super cute stuff to really perv stuff. It depends, I'm pretty much of an shonen-shoujo fan. Anime is amazing due to it's variety!!!
Y'all need Miyazaki films in your life.
I find it funny because thats only one type of anime.
Then there's romcoms, drama, mystery and ect. cx
buzzfeed should've showed some better anime
and that girl has to stop saying that anime is all about porn shit, is perverted stuff all she thinks about? gesh
I feel like Kill la Kill would not be an appropriate anime to introduce to somebody. Especially if they stereotype it as "porn". Kill la Kill would only make them assume all shows are like that. Not that a lot of anime isn't fan serviced but those who don't watch anime regularly won't really understand right away.They should have mixed up the genres a bit and maybe start them off with something smaller and less fan serviced. IDK just a suggestion.
Aww, I would have liked them to see something else, like Psycho Pass or Sword Art Online. I didn't like Attack on Titan or Kill La Kill and I'm still a fan of anime
"You know nobody ever stopped and talked to them to see if their actually friendly"
Oh yeah, some did. But their dead now.
WHY DID YOU START WITH ATTACK ON TITANS?!?!?!?! You scarred them all forever.
The ignorance, it hurts!!
It's not.... a CARTOON!!!!!! *eye twitch*
I'm glad most of the people commenting actually seem to know and appreciate anime and understand how bad of a representation this is. This video is just a gigantic dense piece of ignorance lol
I think the choices they made in episodes/shows was not the best. Attack on Titan is awesome, don't get me wrong, but with well over 100 anime under my belt, I would NEVER start someone out on Kill La Kill! Also... that's not even the first episode... how are they going to know what the hell is going on?
I would have started them out with something that wasn't stereotypical, like, say, Hanasaku Iroha, which is funny and interesting, and maybe the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, because even though it's hugely popular, it's a well-balanced show. I could go on, but yeah, bad choices for "fist timers".
Instead of AOT and Kill La Kill, they should've gone with AOT and FMA: Brotherhood .... SO much better introduction to the true beauty of anime @.@
This is disappointing.. Those 2 animes don't even being to cover what anime as a whole really is.
Also Sailor Moon IS an anime! And Gaby Dunn even mentioned it. So she's watched an anime before...
Why didnt they watch more of the top animes such as naruto or one piece?
Try ouran high school host club, naruto, or fairytale...! O.O those weren't the best representations of what you could be watching of anime... :-(
Aw, I really thought they would show different genres of anime. There are cute animes, too, but they just show what's popular and what's mainstream that's going on right now. D:
Also...have they not watched Studio Ghibli's animes? because some of their movies were in theaters and on cartoon network in the past.
They showed the most violent and ecchi ones, not all are like this.
Those were the worst choices to introduce to noobs.... In my opinion.... For action, they choirs have chose FMA, for cute they could go with Ouran, or any other Shoujo anime
Though if they want cute, action, and gore-ish they could try madoka magica *shrugs*
I just don't think AoT and klk were the best choices for "First anime" ......
That asian really disappointed me when she had no idea what anime was.
I call bullshit on first time watching anime. All the people in the vid looked like they were in their 20s. You are really telling they have never seen Dragonball, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Bleach. Then one girl says she saw Sailormoon. How can you put her int he vid then. Sailor moon is anime.
This pissed me off so bad
For starters, KlK was a TERRIBLE show to show them and the clips from AOT were terribly edited/selected..
Dude thought what's-his-face was using a jetpack.
What they recorded is all they saw, I'm sure, and their reactions worsened the stereotypes many already believe when thinking of anime..
This hurts the anime community more than it helps.
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They should have shown them other animes
Hmmm. Am I the only one that's starting to think that these people are actually actors hired by buzzfeed? They can't possibly have done all these things for the "first time" every single time..
Not even truly worth anime to show them. If I could pick two anime to show someone, the first would be Ghost in the Shell and the second would be Evangelion.
You want to show people anime? Show them the best it has to offer. Attack on titan is ok at best and I actually like Kill La Kill but it takes someone with years of experience in anime to see what's special about Kill La Kill, it's not worthy of a first timer's experience.
what you watched was not a good representation of all anime
They should of had another anime over kill la kill, even I only watched one episode and thought it was lame. Should of showed akame ga kill, or Tokyo Ghoul, or even heavens lost property. Lol😂😂
I watch anime all the time and that was my reaction to attack on titan to XD I stopped watching for the longest time then started up on it again now I love the show
Should've thrown death note in there
Anime isn't even that bad, yes it has its shows where it's straight up perverted but they should have shown them another show other than kill la kill, which yes is a great show but should've shown them a more story orientated show other than a exposed almost nude anime
What the fuck that one girl talking about henati. She's fucking confused as hell! Anime and henati are two different things! And I wouldn't know I'm a weeaboo otaku!!! don't start anyone off with Kill la Kill!! Definitely should have showed them different genres of anime!
Sailor Moon and DBZ are both animes... Silly muggles
FMA (2003), Psycho-Pass, and Death Note are all anime I'd start people off with. I think AoT is a pretty good starter, too :)
they should have used different genres of anime, so they dont just see it only as really brutal or super sexualized
Seeing all these comments, but not one has stated, Pokemon, FullMetal Alchemist, Shaman King, or Yu Yu Hakusho, Angel Beats or Soul Eater.
I guess there were some who was actually outside during the days of the week, back in the 90's and early decade, cuz you know.. I .-. I was watching Kids WB, when they aired cartoons all week, and foxbox was like our anime sundays, for us kids who didn't have cable and played the gamecube and ps2/xbox throughout our childhood. Carried the gameboy in our pockets and collecting yugioh cards never knowing how to duel, we just knew the more stars u had the stronger the monster was. Sundays ruled our lives where we knew to wake up after 8am to watch anime, cuz if u woke up any earlier, you'd be watching the winx club, or mew mew power.
Aside from that, the question ive been asking this entire time was, have u not heard of toonami...? How do you live?
Lol they should have showed InuYasha im sure they would have all loved it🎑 it's a perfect classic💁👌😆
Not the best shows to start someone off with. There are tons of films that better show cases anime. Like Howl's Moving Castle, Ghost in the Shell (the original), Spirited Away, Steamboy Movie, Princess Mononoke, Akira, Summer Wars Movie, Metropolis, Aplpleseed, Karas, and I could names 100's 1000's more. Hell Samurai 7 is one of my all time favorites, and by no means is this a list in order of my fav's or there placing in the world.
I find it funny how they give kill la kill and attack on titans for first timer. It's like they want people to generalize anime as weird anime with shits going on without them knowing what's going on
he just said this is some "Dragon Ball z shit" How does he know? Definitely didn't watch it for the first time.
The blonde girl needs to get her fricking mind out of the gutter and learn to APPRECIATE THE BEAUTY THAT IS ANIME.
Should have shown them more animes >:) hunter x hunter, akame ga kill and parasyte!
freakin they have to watch OLD ANIME!!! freakin old anime is da bomb!! SAILOR MOON!! dragon ball... ya know? anime is life!! Attack On Titans!! levi!
There are other really great animes besides these two, they should have broken the genres up a bit to something like Ouran High School Host Club
Farheen ..i want to start watching animes, after this video :p
Most people don't get Anime like the rest of Anime fans out there. I have to agree with some people here but there is more genres of Anime that people might like and don't like. For me, I rather watch all Anime out there no matter what it is, NOT AMERICAN ANIME.. If you noticed American Anime have less details, less story lines and FLAT CHESTED WOMEN. Japanese Anime have more details, story lines that CATCH your attention, and DIFFERENT SIZE CHESTED WOMEN. Though, I have edited myself on that part because FB (FaceBook) will ban your account for saying the wrong word. However, I have been an Anime Fan since the age of 7 and watch different ones though, the sotry lines of the Japanese Anime GRIPS your attention a LOT faster than Amerincan Anime. Don't COMPARE that bloody stupid show call Sponge Bob Squarepants to Japanese Anime.

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