Americans Try To Pronounce Polish Cities

Americans Try To Pronounce Polish Cities
Americans Try To Pronounce Polish Cities
Published on 10/16/2017
Americans Try To Pronounce Polish Cities


Everyone's just tagging their polish friends! Lol I think the polish person pronouncing the words at the beginning could have been more polish - sounds like they've been Americanized - not really authentic sounding. And, there's a reason it's one of the most difficult languages to learn! I like the scrabble comparison haha
"I don't know where my tongue belongs " lol XD
"This looks like something you just pulled out of a bag of scrabble and were like, fucked" lmao love these videos
sz is sh, cz is ch, ch is K or C only. W pronounced V, Ł pronounced W, Ą pronounced Ow, Ę is basically still pronounced E, Ó pronounced like a U and there's so much more to Polish magic!
"The W is really a V", then they all continue to pronounce it as W. Ugh.
they need to polish their pronunciation hehe
Polish pride mother truckers!
Do Americans pronounce upstate New York towns(not NYC)
W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie,
Anyone wanna try that one? Haha
Side note Szczebrzeszyn is actually a really nice place! Theres this little homemade ice cream stand where they make fresh batches every day :)
I'm polish too, it's entertaining to see this! 😂 Very rare to find people who actually pronounce my last name (and polish words in general) correctly.
Hey, Poland: Is that last city (Warszawa) supposed to be Warsaw? Or am I just being special in thinking that?
I am crying from this video
Im polish, pronounce my last name!!
Polish is very easy!! XD I'm Polish
Pronounce Lithuanian city names! pleasee
Hahah pronounce MY surname 😆😆😆
Everyone tagging their Polish friends! haha
My family name is Kisielewski and it's so fun hearing people struggle to pronounce it! 😂
This shows you that 80% of Americans this idiots !!
Keith said my last name!!! 😂😂😂
Love it! My husband tried many times to explain the "special" letters and how to pronounce them, still can't do it right but oh how I love listening to him and his dad talk on the phone or when we get together with family friends and they are speaking Polish, some I can figure out but I find it beautiful to listen to. I hope someday to visit Poland and meet his family there!
So, in poland is a lot of villages with more difficult names, for example Szczebrzeszyn, Koniówkówka, Konsystorzówka,Księżomierz Dzierzkowska, Podgawiniańce. I'm from Poland and even I have a problems with pronunciation :P
Adee Amjad Polish is not that difficult to read. It's very phonetic language, most words can be sounded out, you just need to know the rules. English is far less phonetic hence the rules are often broken.
Pronounce my last name
they sound like Sims! XD
I love Łódź :D
The girl in the purple stopped trying after a while and it isn't funny or enjoyable.
Isabel Parkinson whatever translate their using at the beginning is so shit haha but when the othe people say częstochowa they sound polish :) ;)
Lol this is too funny. I make fun of my friends all the time because they have such a hard time pronouncing polish words 😂👌
Americans have trouble pronouncing American cities names
This was funny! 😂😂 like that woman said looks like you took some letters out the scrabble bag! Lmao
I got a few right. Having an ex boyfriend who is Polish who took me to Poland helps!
Lol I'm actually learning polish for my trip in september. I definatly won't be fluent but I want to be able to ask directions and such.
I'm from a polish many "ski's" lol...and I married a German lmfao. Yay for irony!
Haha, try with Danish cities!
Wanna have fun? Try to pronounce my surname :D
Hyacinth I can't stop laughing at this lollololol it's just so true! There are so many god awful consonants scrabbled together in this beloved Polish language of ours, as if someone intended to make the entire population's life difficult when creating it.
I'm polish I'm proud of it ☺☺
Polski jest cudowny !! ;)
That's ok, they teach polish kids in Poland polish language.
Gary, Hannah, Viki - I want to hear you guys saying those names! And there's my Łódź as well
I'd like to see them throw dziewięćsetdziewięćdziesiątdziewięćmiliardówdziewięćsetdziewięćdziesiątdziewi
ęćmilionówdziewięćsetdziewięćdziesiątdziewięćtysięcydziewięćsetdziewięćdziesięciodziewięcioletni at them :D (Yes I do get lost on that one...but I think a lot of people do :D)
No, I have a Polish friend I try to say Polish words to. Apparently my pronunciation is completely incomprehensible. So, she sent this link to me as a joke. I would still like to travel to Poland, though.
Yeah, Polish language isn't EASY... I know about very good! =D
Try my last name Americans lmao
Funny enough Andrew was not in this one ... Hmmm
im polish :))

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