Americans Try To Pronounce French Names

Americans Try To Pronounce French Names
Americans Try To Pronounce French Names
Published on 11/20/2017
Americans Try To Pronounce French Names


God dammit
The girl who took French for three!
Never thought chevalier was That hard haha
Chevalier, this is Chevrolet like the car 😂
There's my naaame *happy dance*
make them say some danish words! xD with like æ ø å!! xD
Oh god. Yes.
My mother is a french teacher.
I want them to have people from another culture pronounce American names 😊
Geneviève is always a struggle for them too!
They should do a video about pronouncing Arabic names
Haha proud to be a french canadian who can say both french and english names :'3
Try pronouncing "Langdoc Roussillon" or even "Anticonstitutionnellement" 😂😂😂😂
And those were the basic French names. Try pronouncing my name now 😂😂
Bonjour les anglais! Vos prénoms sont difficiles à prononcer aussi haha
Americans can barely pronounce their own name -_-
Americans suck at any pronounciation. But then again the French are pretty bad at English too
Don't worry people, except french, no one around the world pronounce it correctly. And even french people can't write it properly...
Yep.... Cappuccino is what I get the most.... So annoying! I'm French not Italian or a coffee!!! What can I do!
English speaking people saying french words are so damn sexy! ♡
Do it with Azerbaijani :)) first ask to show where is this country and then ask to say the names :D
No one seems to ever pronounce Perrault properly 😐
i love this a lot. maybe I have my students do a little contest on French words.
ahahah that so fun to see them trying to say these name :p
You guys should try with names from Québec... I can guarantee many laughs xd starting with my own last name
"Sounds like Cat P***y" lmaooo
My blatantly French name has been a victim of being butchered my whole life. It was worse when I was studying stateside.
Man, European languages are difficult. I live on one of the islands of Portugal and trying to learn is so hard due to the fact that I can't read words correctly because letters have multiple pronunciations and when I try to distinguish words that my coworkers say, all I hear is "eushgoshtoshashosheshishushi."
Someone wanna try Mademoiselle??
How do you say "United States of America" In french? (Im taking Spanish clue)
It's literally "le fav" when you say it out loud. -Girl who's last name is un-pronounceable
you should try hungarian(some are really hard) or romanian(some are really long) names
Joany Corriveau how I feel in every french class
Yessss everyone struggles with the BVR. 😂
Does Guillaume is the french version of my name?
"All the names are inherently sexier than ours"
There are like two pronunciation times that someone or more than one person who said it right and Buzzfeed didn't give them points.... smh
I love Colette. c:
hahahaha Whenever I go to the U.S.....
Lol maevi😂😂😂
I love trying. I tried to learn french with online course so i printed all materials like 300pages. After i heard "W" i gave up and scolded by my mom for wasting papers lol WHY NOT NORMAL W....LOL
I speak French. This made me cringe. Quelle horreur! Smh. It ain't for errbody.
Cat pussy and latisha 😂😂😂
they did better than the irish name.
Wish they will make another video like this but pronounce Vietnamese name =))) haha lol 😂😂😂
I wish they did Beaupré, lol.
I'll take Le tits now for 800!
Chevalier = knight ^ ^
Spot on Buzz on....lmao!!!

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