Americans Try Thai Desserts

Americans Try Thai Desserts
Americans Try Thai Desserts
Published on 10/20/2017
Americans Try Thai Desserts


"this thing might as well tell its parents it's dropping out of highschool because it is disappointing me" lmaoooooo
HAHAHA! should've tried mango and sweet sticky rice! it's my favorite Thai desert.
"im not a big fortune cookie person i know thats ironic" fucking balled out laughing
Why do you use chopsticks to eat Khao Tom Mad (Sticky Rice & Banana)? I and another Thai People use our hand to eat it and you guys eat a wrong way that let you miss its awesome deliciousness. Moreover, there is the seedless Tamarind Candy(Makham Gao). Why do you buy that!
Durian Jam is my favorite desert of my country. I prefer to eat it more than Durian that just come from its tree since I cannot find the enough ripe Durian for me.
God. that Asian chick with the white gurl is sooo annoying. U know she eats worst than that. 😑😑😑
I normally don't do this, but I can't help notice all of the negative comments directed at the two Asian girls in the video. (Oddly all said by other Asian girls) "They are Asian why are they not cultured in this?" "I hate it when Asians try and act white." Just a couple examples to give you an idea. They are AMERICANS. Just because they have Asian roots does not mean they were brought up in the Asian community. I have a couple Asian friends that were adopted by white parents and don't know much about their cultural background. When we first met they couldn't even hold chopsticks right.. Still have some troubles. What I'm saying is, you don't know their life. Judging people is never okay in my book. These girls in the video are their own person and just because they are Asian does not automatically make them cultured in everything that is Asian.
Rant finished.
What happened to Ned's arm?!?!
Guys try Filipino desserts
Is anyone else as obsessed with Ned's reactions as I am?
"I think were gunna eat unicorn hair." Lolz cus only a unicorns hair could taste that good.
LOL Is the guy who talks about his wife a lot high? Also, get well soon man.
We don't use chopsticks for the sticky rice and banana, we just have it as a bar or use the spoon ;)
Thai Food and Desserts are the best
I'm thai and I approve this video. Lol
Those are not desserts. They are considered snacks! Thai desserts are a whole other ballpark! Do your research, Buzzfeed!
No mango sticky rice? That shit is the bomb!
everything is better when Ned is involved. Ned is great
Coconut ice cream, banana pancakes, and fried banana are the best thai desserts! I lived there for 2 years....
When it's yummy we Say AROY Mak Mak!
And i was waiting them to taste the mango sticky rice
Dessert is suppose to be a treat after dinner, this is like a "f*** you" after dinner.
Fried Thai ginger or coconut Ice cream!
It's a snack Buzzfeed not Desserts here in Thailand :) but I love your video
That is all Americans know is mango and sticky rice. There's so much more than that simple dessert. I love kanom chan or kanom krok.
Buzzfeed, the caption in the video saying 'sweets' is correct. They are not dessert though. We don't have those after a meal. Thai dessert is another category.
Try filipino desertsssss.
Bibingka, Biko, Sapin sapin, Suman with white sugar, Pastillas, Puto & kutsinta, Yema, Macapuno candy. Hahahahhahahahhaha
Thank you so much for your video and welcome to Thailand ,all a good food and dessert,we are agree that,it so awesome lol
Roti sai mai, tong yip, kanom krok, kanom buang, sankaya ugh I miss Thailand.
Btw be careful with tamarind because it's a natural laxative..
Oh pls those are not even desserts we eat them as snack. Thai desserts are different and more delicious!
I love Roti Saimai and Khaotom mud or whatever they are spelled lol.. my favorite Thai dessert ever is "บัวΰΈ₯ΰΈ­ΰΈ’ΰΉ„ΰΈ‚ΰΉˆΰΈ«ΰΈ§ΰΈ²ΰΈ™" or "Bualoy Khai Wan". You should try
To be honest, I don't know the taro cake, and I've never had the durian and the tamarind thingy. My mom likes them but they just don't seem like a good idea to meπŸ˜‚. But I LOVE the rest in this video though. Bryanna Raymond
I want try all!!
I'm Thai and I have a note :
You know when eating that sticky rice bar you just take a bite, don't use anything but your hand and your mouth to eat that bar of sweet coconut milk and rice and banana goodness.
Thank you for advertising other amazing things from my country besides ladyboys :)
*Thai born-raised here, feel free to ask any cross-cultural questions
That Asian girl with the white girl is always so dramatic in every videos! And I'm damn sure she must have tried the rice with the bananas before.
Thai people eat sticky rice and banana with chopsticks? huh...I'm Thai and I learned something new today. LOL
Trying thai desserts not just what you buy them from convenient stores or 7/11, you have to try it from restaurant or dessert shop, some of those thing they choose are not what we normally eating, it just eat for purpose, and this video was not very very respect the culture. They just a bunch of students who can't afford to pay the proper food. But they just know about bloody burgers and ships.
I'm half Thai and Thai Deserts are AMAZING
Thai people don't use chopsticks.
Why no mango sticky rice? :(
It's funny when they use chopsticks to eat Khao Tom MadπŸ˜‚ well no offense. In Thailand we use hands but sometimes table spoon
I wish they could have tried more things and maybe the title might have been misleading as most of them are more like snacks rather than after-dinner-desserts. But wow I am so pleased that most of them like Thai food πŸ‘ it makes me happy
Chopstricks AGIAN!! Buzzfeed team, We dont use chopsticks to eat dessert !! It made me laugh to you Americans!! It's same way that we soup spoon to eat pizza!! What a idiot!!
What is it with Americans and a lack of spices? Spices are great!
This is why i can't get out of FAT LOL thai desserts are fucking great
Ummm if I was apart of this taste test thing I would of needed my own. In not sharing off the same plate as they are.
I am Thai and I am happy after I seen this VDO
Hope you enjoy Thai desserts lol
Goshh they miss Mango/Sticky rice and Bualoy Khaiwhan, they won't believe how wonderful the taste is!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜†
Nic Your grandma wants you to come visit my hometown and I guess this is a great start...

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