Americans Try Persian Food With Their Driver

Americans Try Persian Food With Their Driver
Americans Try Persian Food With Their Driver
Published on 10/22/2017
Americans Try Persian Food With Their Driver


I love making this series, but editing it when you're hungry is the hardest thing ever. #hungry4ever
"i'm upset at all the other beef in my life, because it's not trying hard enough" that must be damn good.
My husband is Persian and everything you tried are our favorite meals! My father in law is the best cook! Persian food is the best!!
My culture! AHHHH so happy buzzfeed made this, especially at a restaurant I have been to!
Keith is bae
You're welcome, America!
"New intern"looks like Edward Norton ;) ♡♡
I just have to say that I LOVE how respectful and truly curious they were about learning about his culture!
Kudos guys!
I'm Persian and I loved this video! Thanks BuzzFeed! Shiraz is the name of a beautiful city in Iran that I was born there. And Persian food are Devine !
The driver looks happy! He just got free food and they still paid the full fare even though he didn't drive them anywhere! Lovely!:)
😩 this warms my heart in so many ways, the driver seems incredibly pleased
im Persian and i cant eat any thing else than Persian food or like Arabic and we have the best food
I loved this video :) please do more in this same style with others and explore additional cultures. Very cool!
This was beautiful! I hope you guys do it more with other cultures. In my optimistic fantasy land, enjoyment and appreciation of different food turns into love of cultures and faiths and there's no more war!
I showed my mom this video on the reaction of americans tasting persian food and she cracked up.
Now I want to try all of this food...I must go look up authentic Persian food STAT! I don't think it's safe for a pregnant person to watch these food videos 😞 Too many cravings at once! lol
This is my favourite series by far! Good job BuzzFeed Video!
It warms my heart to think that this driver is going to go home and tell his family about how wonderful his day was, and in a country full of so many cultures that some people took interest in his that day😍😄👏😊❤️🙌
I love that you guys do this
Oh god he's the cutest, happiest little man :')
persian food are awesome just like persian people lol ;)
Perks of growing up in a Persian Armenian family ;)
This won't play
I support them trying things out like this. Good job ^^
Thats what its about. Meeting new people and learning other cultures. Alot of people just stay in there own little bubble.
I love when you guys do this!! I must try this place … The line " I'm upset at all the other beef in my life , because it's not trying hard enough!! "
Just watching this opens ones appetite for this. Haven't had it in a while.
Assal Gharavi I want this driver to be my family
Ariella Yomtobian this is what I was telling the uber driver
Probably one of the best videos on Facebook, taking the time out of your own day to learn about someone else's story, life and culture, just amazing guys keep up the good work !!
Can't wait for the one about El Salvador! Pupusas!
Sanamenom Bachetehroon Sahar Motazedi Niine Ah YASSSS LOL
I absolutely love these videos! I'm a huge fan of all the buzzfeed videos, in particular the taste tests and the ones where they spend the afternoon with the taxi driver and go to their favourite restaurant! Really gives us a great insight to the culture and proves to us that every person really does have a story
Man this series is awesome!! Who needs the Discovery channel.
Taylor Rousselle Karam Albakri Ji-won Kim Min Namkung Jocelyn Saunders GUYSSSSSSSSS
Upasna Singh Manjusha Pinni just to have but of an idea ! 😄
It's almost 3 month that I haven't had Persian food and I've really missed it :/
Parmis Sabbaghpour Maryam Maz Tara Hajipour
This is so awesome. I love you guys for the stuff you do.
yogurt everywhere!! Kimia Sh Mimi Salehi Rojina Rad Zoha Vaseghi
I really enjoy these videos
Farbod Akhlaghi-Ghaffarokh Parisa Akhlaghi Shireen Walton
Ayelet Hematian Debra Karimzadeh Rachel Namdar David Karimzadeh Doron Karimzadeh
I'm Persian and I approve this. Persian gastronomy is divine! Thank you BuzzFeed Video
Aren Assatouri Christine Hovsepian Cynthia Hovsepian Karen Hovsepian
Maziar Zarea Amelia Khoei
Dodi Sassan Ursula Soni
Rania Sadaf you guys love your yoghurt!! en suiker eerst in je mond en dan thee.. I could get used to that ahahha
Daniel Kareemi Wafa'a Jawaheri Faten Ameen

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