Americans Try Mouth-Melting Sichuan Food

Americans Try Mouth-Melting Sichuan Food
Americans Try Mouth-Melting Sichuan Food
Published on 12/11/2017
Americans Try Mouth-Melting Sichuan Food


"We could fry them and make them much better."
America in one sentence.
oh man, girl in striped shirt was sooo annoying. Can you be any more dramatic with you spitting food? Meh
I love how the asians absolutely love it. #spicy
Buzzfeed people are so adorable I just want to Steal them and put them in my pocket
"....Like every single boyfriend I've had" lol
That girl that kept spitting out the food dramatically, seemed disrespectful. 😕
tap out n pull the jew card lmao
I liked how ashley and Eugene we fine like THE WHOLE TIME
Not into the spitting food out chick... once or twice is cool but every dish? friggin' child...
Try Hunan food instead, because that's the real spicy Chinese food. Sichuan food is more numbing than spicy.
No one's gonna point out/enjoy that one pair started quoting Mushu? 😂😂
Nope Nope I am pulling the Jew card I am not eating pig's blood!! LMAO
Coagulated pig's blood is the shit. Growing up, us kids would fight over who could get the most from the pot. Lol
LOL "It got mean, like every single boyfriend I ever had."
I like that the Asians loved and appreciated it haha
Milk cures spicy food the best. Water doesnt help. Take it from experience :)
I love Eugene! 99% of the time, he likes all the nasty food that no one else likes. He's so f'n cool 👍🏻
Spicy food? HA! Try some Mexican food with our salsas you will die for sure (pussys)
"taste like pizza! does not taste like pizza" lol
Girl in stripes should fck off with her rude overly dramatic annoying ass
Sometimes, I feel annoyed that Buzzfeed is this ignorant. :(
Americans try Japanese food , Americans try to pronounce Indian names, Americans try to pee like dogs, fuck Americans, share some beneficial videos not such shitty videos
BuzzFeed Video You should do a video series if you haven't already of "MYSTERY FOOD!" Don't tell them what they're eating or show them and see if there are different reactions!
More videos about Asian people buzzfeed 👍🏼👍
Buzzfeed should really stop with these videos because it's pretty disrespectful to the cultures of other people where that's what they eat. And yes they've done american food test but come on -_- do something new they're kind of beating a dead horse here.
As someone who spent a large amount of time in Sichuan province, I feel like they didn't get half of the regions most popular dishes, therefore they didn't get a chance to really know what they're talking about.
i think these are cool until i see like Chinese or whatever people try american food and its like dumb shit we dont actually eat like Twizzlers
The girl spitting her food out...don't put her in any more videos please...really annoying. Otherwise, this video really got me curious to try Sichuan food!
Americans be like: WTF IS THIS?!? OMG IS THAT PIG'S BLOOD?!?
Me: It's Asian food.. Deal with it (ish good do..)
Den Asians be like: Mmm.. Delicious
Only ashly and Eugene enjoyed this segment haha
Lol like dinuguan only cubed? Not sure about that haha I'll stick to pigs blood Flip style 😝👌
We Asians are just accustomed to spicy food! :D
Hey guys !!! Why don't you taste cambodian food ??? Should make a clip about it
The two Asians Teamed Up and with no too bad comments unlike others >.< :P Way the Go Asians hahaha !
Haha the asians love the spicy food xD
Philippines its food it's good
Chinese food yayyyyy
These food make my mouth watering
Did nobody teach her manners , spitting out food like that is rude and disgusting
If u don't like them don't eat them. God. Few people on this video r so annoying. DA.
pigs blood is the sizzles ... srwy buzzfeed
They need to try out Filipino food. I'd like to see their reaction to eating diniguan.
this was not a good video. I am currently living in sichuan and the food is amazing. There are a lot of options for example the muslim noodles with sichuan spices.
Note...the Asians seem all too collected while eating this food. LOL I'm Asian...raised on spice and strange food. :)
Isn't it spelt szechuan BUZZFEED
"Ooohhhhh makes me sneeze" ☺☺
I've eaten and would eat again all except the pigs blood. The thought of pigs blood is just nasty. Blech.
"I ain't mad at it." 😂😂😂
I absolutely adore the coagulated pig's blood, its full of iron too...
This is Sichuan Food.... way spicy than Korean Food Shirley Tiu

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