Americans Try Midwest Food For The First Time

Americans Try Midwest Food For The First Time
Americans Try Midwest Food For The First Time
Published on 10/22/2017
Americans Try Midwest Food For The First Time


They refer to the Midwest like its on the other side of the planet. Do you idiots travel? You've never seen a Chicago style hot dog or Jimmy Johns? Beat it, nerds.
Try changing the title to "Californians Try Midwest Food for the First Time". We were Americans before you were and if it wasn't for us you wouldn't even be apart of this country.
That awkward moment when I just assumed Jimmy John's was a national thing... and how dare that guy insult their bread lol it's so good!
"Wisconsin go home, you're drunk."
I didn't know there was people that had never had jimmy johns
Uhm, how is that Midwest? Where's Kansas? Or any middle western state for that matter?
Next time, buzzfeed, try adding deep-dish pizza, Wisconsin cheese curds, and other foods THAT ARE Midwestern!
Sweet I didn't know we in the Midwest withdrew from America. Let's totally start our own country
Where is Kansas or Nebraska? This map is dumb
"hipsters make fun of simple food"
Should be called "douchebags try american food for the first time".
I think a better title is probably Californians try Midwest food for the first time.
Ohio? Midwest? Since when?
Where's KS, NE, OK? Toasted Ravioli??? Thin crust pizza??? KC Bbq???
Provel cheese.....Oh man, you guys really missed out on the toasted ravioli and provel cheese.
Although I will say you got the 'everything is delicious' thing right ;)
How do you do a Midwest food taste and not even feature a Coney from Michigan?
1. Midwesterners are also Americans.....
2. So much hesitation in this video. It's American food, not strange food from some foreign land.
I'd be like, "Quiznos what are you doing, you're cheaping me out." haha!
Jimmy johns is a terrible depiction of Midwest dinning!!!...
They should have dipped the hotdog in the beer cheese soup. Just sayin
I guess I don't get out much because I seriously did not know Jimmy Johns wasn't located all over the U.S........
Since when are Midwesterners not Americans?
And St. Louis' toasted ravioli and provel cheese wasn't on here because??..
Jimmy John's?! Really??? First, that's a brand new national brand and has NOTHING to do with the Midwest as a whole. Also, check your map on what states are actually located in the Midwest
I thought this was a great video, and im from the midwest. Was missing cheese curds though. Also, this should not say "Americans" trying midwest food. Jimmy johns is prevalent in a lot of the country. And chicago style hot dogs. It should say Californians trying midwest food. Honestly.
"Dirty over privileged hipsters who only consume wheatgrass shakes and flax seed try actual food for the first time" was the working title, but they didn't want to alienate buzzfeads main reading audience
You're definitely missing four states according to the U.S. Census bureau North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas are all Midwestern states.
This is garbage. I've lived in the Midwest my whole life and the only thing I've had off that list is Jimmy Johns. Where is the BBQ?
Lived in Missouri my whole life, never heard of any of these except Chicago style hotdog. But wtf buzzfeed... STL TOASTED RAVIOLI ??? Imos pizza??? Legendary PROVEL cheese?
I feel like this was something they ran because they were out of ideas. Poorly planned, and very insulting.
Where's the Michigan food? You need to try a coney dog, Faygo Pop, Better Made chips, Detroit pizza, and Mackinac fudge
There's Jimmy Johns on the west coast too.. Lol
"Wisconsin, go home, you're drunk." Perfect. You guys wouldn't last five minutes at a Lutheran church basement potluck after a funeral. Culinary horror. Great video Buzzfeed friends.
Omg! I cannot BELIEVE you didn't feature the breaded as-big-as-your head TENDERLOIN from indiana! It's the ultimate Midwest FOOD!
This is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. BuzzFeed, try harder please.
"Americans try Midwest food"....from America? Better title would be "yuppies" or "hipsters" or "urbanites" try Midwest food for the first time.
Guys you should do a Southern Meal Video
Jimmy John's isn't national?
Why is it titled "Americans try Midwest food for the first time" the Midwest is in America ya dumb fucks
YOU FORGOT THE DEEP FRIED CHEESE CURDS. Or at least squeaky cheese curds. How!?!?!?!?? That is literally a staple food of the Midwest. BuzzFeed Video
Yeap I'm from Wisconsin and jimmy johns is the worst sub place we have!!!
Midwest is the best!
"Americans try Midwestern food." really buzz feed, really? It should be ignorant Californians try Midwest food. Poor, poor choice in food selection
i enjoy wactching buzzfeed because of the ignorance of Californians
Screw all of you...Jimmy John's is awesome! And freaky fast :)
Wisconsin dairy farmers daughter here! Yes, we love our cheese! Happy cows DON'T come from California. We are America's dairyland. I wish you people would have eaten a brat and some beer battered cheese curds! Absolutely delicious. Oh and my mom makes the best tater tot hot dish 😊
You guys need to try gooey butter cake. A st louis staple!
cheese curds are more Wisco than beer cheese soup. Buzzfeed, you are drunk.
Where are these people from? All this food can be found in most places in the US...
I could live off of tater tot casserole!
Keith M. Duckman We could use this in our slide show I could show it befor I ask the class what they classify american food to be

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