Americans Try Mexican Snacks For The First Time

Americans Try Mexican Snacks For The First Time
Americans Try Mexican Snacks For The First Time
Published on 11/19/2017
Americans Try Mexican Snacks For The First Time


Mexican snacks are better than American snacks😍In Texas you get to taste the heavens of Mexican snacks😍😍Now I want some😭
why they didn't get a Mazapan or garampiñados.. those are really mexican snacks! hahaha
Make them eat Mexican Doritos vs American Doritos. Believe me, the difference is astonishing
They are just barely scratching the surface of what it's really Mexican snacks. And to actually eat the way almost every Mexican eats the snacks with a few extras like valentina, freeze some snacks or when you are drinking
Mexican snacks bomb !!!!!
Next Video should be Americans try's Mexican food!!
the mexican snacks are the best! <3
Javier this video is like what you have been doing to me all week with your Mexican snacks and candy taste test! I think they should do one about people whose Mexican mothers NEVER gave them this stuff!
Mexican snacks are the best... Delicioso 😉
I love mexican /snacks
New video from buzzfeed!!
Lmao me when I first tried Mexican snacks
They don't know anything about Mexican snacks
Americans should try the tamles, enchilada's ,and tacos
Mexican snacks are great!
You just made the Mexican chip cooperation sky rocket in sales.. Lol they gonna be happy for this. They got free promotion ! Lol
Mexican snacks are the best 💪 it isnt a snack for us if there isnt chili on it
As a Mexican I find those Mexican snacks or w.e. taste nasty 😪
As a mexican I'm pretty proud that they enjoyed the snacks.
Anisah Ali And this is why I like my mexican snacks 😄
mexican snacks are the best snacks, like srsly😍👌
Now I'm craving Mexican snacks ahhhh
Okay guys stop talking about putting salsa and limon on em im like literally baveando right now
Ashly made me laugh hard. She should be an honorary Mexican since she actually enjoyed the snacks.
Mexican food/ snacks you can always eat them when you're sober drunk or hungover you can't do that with American food 😋🇲🇽
Fk that bitch in the cap .. all these snacks are fkn delicious!
I love my Mexican snacks idk about comparing gansitos to twinkies and rancheritos to Doritos 😒😒😒
Pinches gringos lol ha atleast some white Americans like mexican culture
Hilarious I love my mexican snacks
You know shit about 'mexican snacks', spices? Please.
First of all, Gansitos are better when they're frozen! Secondly, Rancheritos are NOT like Doritos. They're BETTER!! And what's with the absence of De La Rosa Masapan!? Or Poca Pelos!? So frustrating!! Lol
Mexican food all day!
who cares that think this dumb asses
I love Mexican snacks👏👏👏👏
Mexican Mazapan yuuuumi 😋😋😋😋😋
Mexican everything > American anything.
From MEXICO🇲🇽❤️👌🏼
For Americans 🇺🇸✌🏼️
Desde MEXICO, Para Los Americanos
para mis paisanos que no le entendieron
saludos desde TIJUANA🇲🇽✌🏼️
How have these people lived in LA and not tried Mexican snacks? It's like a Southern California staple!
i find this video racist
Most of that stuff looks really good. I would try it. I love Mexican food and I love all the Mexican snacks I've ever tried so I would probably like this stuff
Haha hey Americans how the food taste was it good?
Okay I normally don't like Mexican candy or snacks, but the Bimbo brand is so good!
Yall should try Mexican candy
Spanish snacks>>>>>>
Im mexican and i love these snacks :D
It only shows how Americans are so lame... 🙊
Kings pleasure! I just Fucking love mexican snacks.
Oh yeah they forgot the chicharones with Valentina... And elote! Lol

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